Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More About the Weekend

This is what I missed on Friday night because of the blogger weekend:
First, a tribute to Olympic Gold Medalist, Utah Jazz star, and former Illini Deron Williams

Then, of course, the meat of the evening, the Bulls vs. Jazz game played in my beloved Assembly Hall

This is what I missed on Saturday night because of the blogger weekend:
Before the game

and seen from the perspective of one of the parachutists

followed by the awesome Illini performance against the Hoosiers

So all of that is why I said them there bloggers I was meeting better be damned interesting. How did my weekend compare to what I missed? Hmm, meeting bloggers I might never get another chance to meet in person was an awesome experience and definitely a worthwhile endeavor. However, to give up not one, but two, major sporting events that I would have thoroughly enjoyed makes me almost regret doing the blogger thing. On the other hand, had I gone to the sporting events with my cold I would have, without a doubt, ended up incredibly hoarse from all the cheering and probably would have rested less than I did which could have made the cold even worse. When it comes down to it, I have to admit it's a toss up. While meeting this particular group of bloggers was possibly a once in a lifetime experience so would have been the Bulls/Jazz game. I don't often get a chance to see NBA games at all, particularly to see former Illini playing in the NBA, in person. Also, after sitting through the embarrassing performance of the Illini football team the weekend before, I would have loved to be there to cheer them on to their impressive victory Saturday night, not to mention getting to see the parachutists coming into the stadium before the game. N was quite impressed by that.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the blogger weekend. I'm not. I'm glad I went. I wish though that it had not conflicted with such great stuff going on back at the U.

So a little rundown of tidbits about the blogger weekend:
* The Westin has the absolute best mattresses ever. If I could have snuck one out in my suitcase I would have.

* If your headlights both burn out just before a trip don't let Sears fix them. Slower than snail idiots they are. . .

* Hanging out on a bed with 5 other bloggers isn't as sexy as it sounds.

* I was impressed by the mad skills several people showed when playing Guitar Hero and American Idol.

* I didn't participate in either of those things. With my cold, I knew I couldn't sing so American Idol was out. N has Guitar Hero, and I've watched him play enough that I thought I might give that a try except N doesn't have the guitar controller so we just play with the regular controller so I was afraid I'd embarrass myself royally if I tried.

* I love valet parking. Drop the car at the door, pick it up at the door. What could be simpler?


Desmond Jones said...

Well, I ended up being just as happy to have missed the 'major sporting event' that I forewent(?) to be with y'all. . .

And c'mon - Bulls/Jazz was just an exhibition game. . . And, at the risk of hurting the feelings of some of our Saturday companions (and they know who they are) - beating the Hoosiers is not that big a deal. . .

Fusion said...

Hey, you saying I'm not sexy True? ;)
I was impressed with those GH and AI players too!