Monday, October 27, 2008

Apologies and Giving Up

First the apologies:

1) I apologize for not responding back to comments lately. This cold has kicked my ass. At this point it looks to overwhelming to me to go back and try to catch up so I'm not even going to try.
2) I apologize to everybody that I have inadvertently offended lately through my blog and comments on others blogs. Apparently I'm just a loose cannon lately.

Which leads me to my second point:
I'm giving up for a while. This blog will be totally egocentric, all about me, bullshit for the time being. I dare not say anything about anyone or anything else for a while for I seem to be in a rather destructive mode and that isn't helpful to anyone. Rather than spread the hatred to others I'll just be focusing it all on me. That's okay, there's plenty I can point in my direction. Goodness knows, I've got enough faults to give me plenty of blog fodder for some time to come.


Desmond Jones said...

Just to be clear - you haven't offended me. . .

But a little rest will probably do you good. . .

Get well soon. . . ;)

C-Marie said...

Rest of TS! I'll wait patiently.


C-Marie said...

I meant: Rest UP... Geez!

If there's one thing I'm full of: Typos are it! (sorry)

2amsomewhere said...

Take care, and get well, Trueself. I'll leave the RSS feed on for you.


(never mistaken for Tom Bodett, but was once told by someone in a grocery store he resembled Garrison Keillor)

Digger Jones said...

This blogging lark isn't worth too much angst, in my opinion. This is your space and you write what you want.

Not that I haven't started a flame war or two in my day.

It's not like you didn't warn folks up front!