Tuesday, October 07, 2008

You Know This is How It Goes

You know how sometimes when you’re working on a project, particularly a volunteer project, it becomes obvious to you that those in charge gots no clue what they be doin’?

You know how when that happens you’re just greatly tempted to tell those in charge what a rotten job they are doing and how you could do it soooooooo much better?

You know how when you’re tempted like that you stop short of saying anything because you know if you complain too much they’ll try to put you in charge the next time?

Yeah, that was me, on Sunday, when working my volunteer hours in the concession stands for the greater good of the soccer club for which N plays.

And now it’s two days later, it’s still bugging me, and I still want to tell them how it could be done better.

The big decision I have to make though is whether to:
(A) Tell them how it could be done better and volunteer to manage the concession stands in the future, or
(B) Just keep my mouth shut and save myself the hassle of being in charge of anything.

I know lots of people would scream “Choose B you fool! Choose B!” I gotta tell you I’m leaning heavily towards A right now because I must tell you it is much easier for me to just get ‘er done than tolerate having things done in a piss poor half-assed way.


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Nancy said...

Aww, go ahead and choose A. After all, you have just the one kid and every mom needs the experience of running the committee. I did two years in a row of running the boy scout chili supper and my conscience then let me say "no" to a bunch of stuff with no guilt!

kimba said...

Choose A.
BUT. Just give them your ideas - step away from the actual running of the thing..

Empower them (I think it's called) to do a better job..

Cocotte said...

Funny, because I'm formulating in my mind a post on volunteering. And it isn't going to be pretty!

I'd probably chose A, but then know that you'll be handling it until you're kid quits soccer.

Digger Jones said...

I'm actually with your inner voice...the one that sayd "Choose B you fool!" Not because you're a fool, but unless you're able and willing to commit to solving the problem you shouldn't complain about it.

OTOH, if you think about it and are able and willing; choose A. It seems they need someone competent to manage things for them.


Fusion said...

If you want to run it, then run it. But if you just want to make suggestions, do that.
Think of it as plan Aa ;)

With all my years in retail management, I'd have to take over.

Trueself said...

Ousizch - Thanks for stopping by!

Nancy - Good point about the doing it and then not feeling guilty about saying "No" to other stuff.

Kimba - Empower them, yes that's what I should do. I like it.

Cocotte - Can't wait to read your not pretty post on volunteering.

Digger - I know I'm able. I just have to decide if I'm willing.

Fusion - Plan Aa. I like it. I'm pretty sure I'll either choose Plan A or Plan Aa. Plan B just isn't much in my nature. Of course, if you'd like to take it over, I'm sure the soccer club would welcome you with open arms. The commute would be a killer though. . . ;-)