Friday, May 04, 2007

Welcome Trueself to the 21st Century

Following my Soundtrack of Life post, one of my commenters encouraged me to continue to introduce myself to new music since I seem to still be stuck in 1985. So I have been listening to the radio lately, and instead of the usual talk radio and NPR fare I've actually been listening to music radio. My new favorite band is Bowling for Soup.

I went on to introduce myself to some other music from the 21st century. I started with Pink because I'd been exposed to her music a small bit before. I really like this song:

Next, I had never even heard of The Fray, but I really liked this song when I heard it on the radio:

So what else, who else, should I be exploring musicwise? Any suggestions? Also should I get an Ipod? Will I be able to figure out how to use it if I do get one? Are there other brands that are as good or better than the Ipod? Anybody willing to stick their neck out with some advice? Cmon, there's
Nothing Left to Lose.


Uhave said...

I am partial to the 'less than mainstream' music...such as:
Anna Nalick/Wreck of the Day
Aqualung/Easier to Lie
Butterfly Boucher/A Bitter Song
Cunning Lynguists/Missing Children
Damien Rice/Volcano
Damien Rice/9 Crimes
Fort Minor/Remember the Name
Gary Jules/Falling Awake
Kate Havnevik/New Day
Koop/Come to Me
Mark Joseph/Fly
Matthew West/More
Michelle Featherstone/Looking For Love
Rachel Yamagata/The Reason Why
Res/They Say Vision
Soul Coughing/Circles
Stoned Sour/Through the Glass
Trik Turner/Friends and Family
Bittersweet/The Mating Game
Blue October/Into the Ocean
Corrine Bailey Rae/Like a Star
Fall Out Boys/Sugar We're Going Down
Jimmy Eat World/Pain
Kate Earl/Someone to Love
Patrick Wilson/The Great Escape
Regina Spektor/Fidelity
Royksopp/Remind Me
Tracy Bonham/Something Beautiful
Skye/Love Show
The Fray/Look After You

Sorry this ended up being longer than expected...I just opened up my Music File and started plucking some favorites...Enjoy!

Andy said...

I don't know where I would be with out music. Have you listen to any 3 Doors Down,or Lifehouse?

Hope you had a good weekend.

Trueself said...

Thanks Uhave and Andy! I'll have to check out your suggestions.