Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Poll in the Sidebar

This is a companion poll to one that BJ is running over at Wandering Hubby. It's a bit blunter than I usually am, but I figured what the heck. We're all horny, weird, sexually unsatisfied, adults here.

If the poll offends you ignore it. If not, please let me know your answer based on what you know about me and your own code of ethics behavior.


oldbear said...

Hi Truey, I dont know about sleeping, but I think you are sexy enough to want you for a wild weekend. But I dont do that, cuz for me marriage is not like that . I felt if I just answered the question it would be saying I dotn think you are sexy or interesting.

I bet if I met you I would say you are both. So I am answering NO, but with this explanation.

you are fine, you just need to either clarify your mind and act one way or the other, or DECIDE not to decide for now, and just GO WITH FLOW. That, and avoiding conflict seems like your nature anyhow.

Either way, you are a pretty primo Lady, it just seems liek you want to have what you want with out conflict. Probably aint going to happen.

But you are fine, not the first person to be caught in such a mess.

Just dont kid yourself, you are not trying to work things with W, and maybe not trying to figure things out either, so long as you are seeing anybody else.

Regardless of all that blather, have a great weeekend, you could use some release!

Fiona said...

I agree with the bear....there should be yes because and no because, to make it really meaningful :)

I said no (female) because I don't sleep with women. So it's no but not a negative because it's YOU :)

Val said...

I answered "No" -- NOTHING PERSONAL! but I'm afraid I'm hopelessly hetero... Gotta send you an interesting link for somethin' kinky though ;-)!!!

trueself said...

Laughing a bit here that y'all seem to think you need to let me down easy. Hey, I'm cool with the fact that not everybody is going to want to sleep with me. I don't want to sleep with everybody either. I suppose I asked the question more as a way to get a feel (hmm, interesting choice of words) for my readers than anything else.

Anyway, thanks for being so kind in your rejections. Y'all are very sweet.