Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Heaven on Earth

BJ is here! I am so happy to have my sweetie with me. It is glorious. It is wonderful. It is the antithesis of last week. I do believe he was as excited to see me as I am to see him. He called several times yesterday while he was driving down just to let me know where he was.

He managed to get away a little earlier than anticipated so I didn’t quite have dinner ready when he arrived. My fear was we might become so involved in other activities that we might not get to dinner, but most of it was already in the oven, and I was just starting to chop vegetables when he arrived. So I did manage to prepare a nice Mexican dinner for us in between kisses and making out. I love cooking for BJ because he’s always appreciative of everything I make. Even I will admit though that the chile rellenos casserole came out really well as did the vegetable medley that I made with zucchini, corn and red bell peppers. He even loved the key lime pie I made (don’t tell him it was super easy and only takes 5-10 minutes to prepare ;-)).

Between dinner and dessert, we sat and snuggled and talked for a while. Okay, well maybe we did a little more than talk. Somehow clothes ended up on the floor, the sofabed ended up folded out, and we ended up in it. Heaven. Pure heaven. Well, not the comfort of the sofabed, but definitely the comfort of the activities taking place there were pure heaven. We ate dessert in bed (yes, I dropped crumbs in the bed) and then finally drifted off to sleep at which time I got a big bonus. BJ asked me to spoon with him as we went to sleep. What a huge step for a man who enjoys sleeping alone without anyone touching him! I was positively thrilled, and snuggled right up behind him and was soon sleeping soundly. We both woke up at some point during the night, spent a bit of time nuzzling and so forth then went back to sleep, this time back to back but still touching. I slept really well until the alarm went off this morning.

Here I am now, at work, trying to concentrate but with thoughts drifting to BJ and last night and this morning and anticipating tonight (and even lunch today!) and every moment we can possibly spend together. I wish I could take a day off while he’s here, but I haven’t been in my new job long enough to have any paid time off available to me just yet. I thought about calling in sick one day, but it would mean an unpaid day. With moving expenses and all, I probably ought not to do that. Then again, we’ll see.

Hope y’all are having a nice week too.


Anonymous said...

Grab some happiness where you can. Have fun.

trueself said...

FL, sometimes you really surprise me. Being in the ministry as you are, I guess I expect your empathy with me and your kindness to me. What I find unexpected is your encouragement to do things that clearly aren't in the standard Christian's moral code. Perhaps you might expound more on that issue for me at some time, if you would be so kind, explaining more of your thought process behind it. Even when I can find my moral compass I'm not so sure it's working right so a little outside input is always welcome.

freebird said...

How deliciously lovely! I'm delighted for you. And you've gotta give us that 5-10 minute key lime pie recipe ;-)

trueself said...

FB - Thank you. Because you are so kind, here's the recipe (of course I have no idea of the availability of certain products outside the U.S. so don't know if you might not have to make a substitution). Keep in mind also that this is a recipe I got while on Weight Watchers so it has lots of low cal foods in it. You could substitute the original versions and probably have an even better, and richer, pie. Now, with all the disclaimers out of the way, here at last is the recipe:
1/4 cup boiling water
1 pkg. (4 serving size) sugar free lime Jello
2 6 oz. containers fat free key lime pie yogurt
1 8 oz. tub light Cool Whip
1 prepared lowfat graham cracker crust

Mix together the water and Jello until the Jello dissolves. In a medium mixing bowl pour the Jello mixture into the yogurt and whisk together until well mixed. Fold in the Cool Whip. Pour the mixture into the crust and refrigerate for 4 hours or more. Makes 8 servings according to the recipe or 6 if you're me.

Al Laddin said...

Thanks for the recipe...I loove Key Lime Pie!

Just about as much, actually not as much really, as two people who deserve to be happy being happy. How great for BOTH of you!

Unspoken Drama said...

The Key Lime Pie sounds does your time with BJ. Enjoy! :)

freebird said...

Thanks for the recipe TS. And that's quite all right, I'm a member of Weight Watchers too! Got a bit stuck on some... well, er most of the ingredients, but I'm good at improvisation! If I ever make it I'll re-name it TS&BJ Pie - but it may take a bit of explaining to my friends!

Val said...

How 'bout the recipe for your chile rellenos casserole???
(but the key lime pie sounds great)
So happy for you hon!

Val said...

P.S. I have not been able to comment on my work computer :-(
Have not said anything to P since it don't sound so very good: "Honey, I can't waste time at work being nonproductive surfing my friends' blogs!!!"