Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Talk About Your Mood Swings

Yes, after a bitchy, moaning, whining week in hell, it is now time for a happy dance.

Join me won't you in a little happy dance as we rejoice that BJ is coming to see me today. He will be here until Friday.

So let's all dance, shall we?


Fiona said...

I'll jig along in my seat, I'm totally devoid of rhythm!!!

I'm awfully happy for you two, this is just what you need TS :)

Unspoken Drama said...

WOOHOO!!! So happy to hear that...albeit a little jealous. You really deserve this tho! Enjoy!


freebird said...

Yep, I'm dancin'!

trueself said...

Thanks for the well wishes girls. You'll be happy to know last night went very very well, and I am smiling me a big ole' smile this morning. More later in a real post.