Thursday, April 26, 2007

Oh Crap

Today's Horoscope:

You really don't like being caught off guard, but today you might have to respond quickly to a new feeling that arises quite suddenly. You won't be able to blame anyone else, as this is probably a result of your own urges erupting from the hidden depths of your unconscious mind. Don't withdraw; take any opportunity to break through whatever you have been avoiding.

I should really just stop reading these. This one certainly didn't give me a cheery start for the day.

But on a cheerier note, this deals with a serious subject but in such a fun way. Enjoy!


oldbear said...

Hi Lady, thanks for the idea. I spend CRAZY amounts of time outdoors, and while I grad up like a Bedouin AND use sunscreen, I really should hit that free ckup! OB.

ps--I hope you have good weekend anyhow!!

Trueself said...

OB - Yes, you definitely need to get that checkup. It is so much better to catch it sooner rather than later.