Friday, April 06, 2007

No More Maybes

Maybe it really is me. Well, yes, in some ways it is.
Maybe I really am the one with the problem. Yes, because rather than let him apologize and make up for something I'd rather pout about it.
Maybe I really am too needy. No, not really. Sometimes I just think I am.
Maybe I never will find a man who can live up to my high expectations. Definitely as long as I expect him to read my mind and know what's important to me without me telling him.
Maybe I've got to learn to close off a certain piece of me to keep from being hurt. Yes, I probably do need to do that. I definitely leave myself very open and vulnerable.
Maybe I've got to be more independent. Yes, I shouldn't need to be so touchy feely when I'm with him. I shouldn't need to have him spend every minute that he's here with me. I need to be able to give him some space.
Maybe I should just give up now, give in, and accept that I am overwhelmingly too sensitive. Yes, much too sensitive. I have got to grow up and stop caring so much.
Maybe I should just stop whining about it all. Yep, best suggestion of them all.

And BTW, make up sex is good. Real good.


Anonymous said...

So i have been told. Never had it myself. (Glad you're feeling better)

trueself said...

FL - Thanks. You should try it sometime. It's very nice.