Thursday, May 11, 2006

Coming to My Senses?

I sent J an apology this afternoon. Somehow though my email ended up with a glitch and the body of the email wasn't there which I found out when I went to copy it to post here. So I just now sent the following email to J:


For some reason, apparently the body of this email didn't show up in the original I sent you so I'm trying again.

I hope you haven't read yesterday's email yet. If not, please don't read it and just delete it.

If you have already read it, let me offer my sincere apology. Although life sucks right now, it is my fault not yours, and I had no right nor reason to try to blame it on you or anyone else. I am very, very sorry.


Apparently I have come to my senses just a bit and am trying to make amends. I can't believe the wild tear I went on yesterday and part of today. My emotions are so out of control these days. I've really got to stop doing without thinking. Thinking. . . Thinking must be accomplished prior to acting. Must.Remember.This.

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