Monday, May 22, 2006

The Men in My Life

I was talking to W this weekend about my past, trying to convince myself that I'm not a slut, and was listing the men I've "been with" in my lifetime.
  1. R - Age 19, a freshman in college, my first. Although he and I dated for a while before we had sex, I never saw him again afterward although I did talk to him on the phone once months later.
  2. C - Still 19, Sophomore in college, we had a relationship that lasted several months.
  3. K - Age 20-23, Junior in college through a year or so after college, we even were engaged for a while.
  4. D - Age 23, While I was on assignment in TX, this high school friend and I hooked up for some good times.
  5. The Iranian Guy Upstairs - Age 23, can't remember his name but this one was also while I was on assignment in TX. Often I would spend part of the day with this guy, then spend the night with D. They both knew about the other and didn't care. We were all just in it for the fun of it. Nothing serious.
  6. Convention Guy - Age 24, I was at a convention for work, got drunk, flirted a lot and went back to some guy's room with him.
  7. W - Age 24-now, Met at work, started dating, ran off and eventually married him.
  8. Ages 26-29, these are all guys
  9. I slept with during our swinging
  10. days (W's and mine). Can't
  11. remember their names. Don't
  12. know if I knew their real ones.
  13. J - Age 45, My old high school boyfriend that I just got together with over a week ago. Of course, I didn't mention this one during my discussion with W. He thinks there's an even dozen.

I haven't been with any of them except W and J after I was 30. (Of course, as far as W is concerned I've been completely monogamous in that time, and I was for 15 years, up until a week ago Saturday.) All the rest were youthful indulgences of my late teens and twenties.


trueself said...

Well, I'm up to 14 now, as of last weekend.

So add to the list:

14. BJ - age 45, the man I met over the internet from 400 miles away. We actually found a way to spend a whole weekend together, and hope to do it again soon.

Trueself said...

And chalk up 15 today.

New addition:

15. M - age 48, a man I met on CraigsList when I posted looking for a woman. He's only 37, bald, black, and probably weighs less than half what I do. Damned if he isn't great in bed though. Lives close to my work so looks like lunches could be a little more interesting with this new FWB.

Trueself said...

Holy crap! Left one out. How could I have forgotten since I blogged in more detail about his encounters with me than anyone elses?

16. (should really be 15 making M 16, whatever. . . ) K - age 46, a man I net on CraigsList. He was actually single(!) making him an anomaly in TS's stable. I can't believe I didn't add him here when we were hot and heavy.

Val said...

Hmmm, I add up an even dozen in my sordid past - nope, damn my foggy memory, there's 13 [I forgot 1 jealous bastard of a grad student]! 11 of those pre-marital - most were one-night stands during my wild n' crazy undergraduate dayz.
Thankfully P has never seen fit to question me about my history (not that it's any of his damned business).