Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Keeping in Touch

Just because some of y'all seem to care enough about me to want to keep in touch (can't imagine why that is, but I'm touched that any of you care at all) I thought I'd let you know the ways you can reach me without having to leave a comment on my blog for all to see.

You may now email me at:
mytruself at gmail dot com
It's a new account I've set up just for you dear readers. I may not check it daily so be patient with me. I'll get to it at least every few days.

You may also leave me voicemail (courtesy of www.k7.net) at:
It's a Washington state telephone number so long distance charges may apply. Also, be aware that in most cases the originating number for the call shows up on the email I get notifying me of the waiting voicemail. If that's a problem for you, don't call, or use someone else's phone!

Feel free to be as candid with me as you want. Don't worry that you'll come on too strong or offend me. I may get defensive, but I do take comments to heart, and I do try to respond back to people. The only type of comments that I will not tolerate are those that make threats against me or anyone else. Threats will be taken seriously and be dealt with through law enforcement and legal channels. Other than that, have at it.

So if you've been dying to tell me something but didn't want the rest of the world to see it, here's your chance. Oh, and one other thing, anything you say off the blog will never be shared on the blog without me getting your permission first. Just so you know.


Pink said...

Thanks sweetie, I am working on an email to you "as we speak". I feel like I have some explaining to do to you.

Talk to you soon.


trueself said...

Didn't get an email from you. Please make sure you've got my email address right. It's a bit tricky because no "e" in the middle of "mytruself" because the usernames "trueself" and "mytrueself" were already taken.
Looking forward to hearing from you.