Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fantasies and Dreams

BJ and I have talked about dreams we have for our future and fantasies about things we could do (or not) once we’re together.

This past weekend we walked past a realtor’s office, and I noticed a picture of a gorgeous old victorian style house for sale at what to my big city mind is a real steal pricewise. My first thought when seeing it was what a marvelous B&B it would make. Earlier BJ and I had joked about the possibility of using our entrepreneurial spirits to open an adult bookstore somewhere. I thought that adding an adult-oriented B&B would be just the thing to distinguish us from the other adult-oriented bookstores in the area. We spent a while driving around looking at large old houses that looked, at least from the outside, like they would make fine B&Bs. We also decided the little town we were visiting would probably not take kindly to us moving in with such plans. It is fun to fantasize about doing things like this. I know that I don’t come close to having enough knowledge to actually be able to pull something like that off. It wouldn’t be easy to win neighborhood acceptance, wouldn’t be easy to get financing, isn’t easy running a B&B of any kind, not to mention I have no knowledge or experience when it comes to running a retail store of any kind, and certainly not an adult-oriented one. However, it made for a pleasant fantasy for an afternoon.

We’ve also talked about the kind of traveling we would like to do with one another. BJ wants to take me to Paris, to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and gaze out over the city. I love that idea, and if we can ever afford it we’ll go.

I have learned that BJ has limited travel experience and hasn’t seen many of the places I have seen in the US so there are tons of places I want to take him, not the least of which is Disney World in Florida. I can’t believe he has never been although I suppose a lot of people have never been, but it is simply unimaginable to me. In some ways I’m just a big kid at heart and Disney World is just one magical fantasy after another, not to mention the Buzz Lightyear ride is way cool. Also, we’ve talked about taking the train to the east coast sometime, and taking another to the west coast sometime. He’s never been to Washington, DC or New York City or seen the Smoky Mountains. We’ve just got to get him more well-traveled.

Now, if we could just win the lottery or inherit a huge amount of money from some long lost relative we could afford all these trips that we want to take. Anyone reading this who would like to donate to our cause should feel free to contact me. I’m sure we can make arrangements for you to send us whatever amount you feel inclined to donate. It is, unfortunately, not a tax deductible donation, but think how good you’ll feel giving for purely altruistic reasons without regard for the deductibility. Why, it’ll feel even better than your regular tithe to the church.

Hmm, that reminds me of another fantasy of mine – starting my own church. Preaching love and tolerance on TV and having multitudes of people sending me mass quantities of money to fund my lavish lifestyle, er. . . uh. . . I mean, um, fund my philanthropic works throughout the nation and the world. So if you’re still worried about the lack of tax benefit from your donation you could wait for my church. We’ll for sure set it up as a 501(c)(3) so you can donate all you like and reap those tax benefits.

And lest you think I’ve lost my mind go back and reread the title of this entry. That should clear it up for you.

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