Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Top Ten Signs You Might Be Married to the Wrong Man

10. His grown kids from his first marriage tell him that they hope he is a better dad to his next family than he was to them.
9. Nobody from his side or your side of the family is happy the two of you got married.
8. He claims the only reason he had erectile dysfunction with Wife #1 was because of the lack of love between them, and now he suffers the same problem with you.
7. The Viagra keeps disappearing, but you aren’t seeing the benefit of it.
6. You pass him on the road on your lunch hour recognizing not only the car and license plate # but his face in the driver seat, but when you call him later he claims he didn’t go out that day.
5. When you try to kiss him he turns his head so you kiss his cheek, not his lips.
4. When given the choice to go out for dinner or stay home and have sex, or the choice to go out to a movie or stay home and have sex, or the choice to go shopping or stay home and have sex, he never chooses sex.
3. He looks at you like you’ve lost your mind when you try to seduce him.
2. When you stop trying to kiss him, touch him or seduce him, he doesn't even appear to notice a difference.
1. Your son asks if you and he could live someplace without his dad because he doesn’t like the way his dad treats him.

Admittedly, not as funny as Dave's top ten lists. But then my life hasn't been funny for a long time now.


Stinkypaw said...

It's a good thing you'll be getting out of that relationship - the sooner the better!

BTW, all those things happened in the past, right? You're not still trying to seduce W, right? I'm hoping those are what you did in the past, 'cause otherwise it would be sad...

trueself said...

Haven't done 5, 4, or 3 in at least two months. Saddest thing is that up until then, yeah, I kept doing those things and getting shot down. I'm a slow learner.

trueself said...

Also, just FYI, 10 happened eight years ago when we told them about N, 9 was true when we first got married though I won over some of his family since then, 7 I just checked on earlier this week because 6 happened the day before, and 1 happened about a month ago and really was the thing that made me stop playing games and realize that I needed to seriously deal with this.

Stinkypaw said...

Good! It would so friggin' sad if you'd still try - there's a point where one has to pull out and say "that's enough", right?

The main thing here is that you are learning, it might be slow, but you are learning!

Fiona said...

Nods, yes, there is a point. And that point is different for all of us.

It would be so much easier if HE walked away, if HE did something to destroy it forever, if HE made the choice that inevitably has to be made.

And we often spend a lot of time hoping for that. The important thing is getting there, not when we get there.

For me, I had to be sure, double sure, triple sure, quadruple sure....that I had done all I could. THEN and only then, was I ready.

Your path is branching off now, Trueself, and it's exciting and terrifying all at the same time, we're rooting for you hon!

Finished Last said...

Pretty convincing list

Karin's Korner said...

This is so sad. How long before you can leave? I think you really need to put a time limit on how long you want (or can) stay. I think you should give yourself the best Christmas present ever and get yourself a new place to live or you can just tell him to leave either way you get what you want. It is so sad that your son asks if you can find a new place to live. I remember my children asking "How come you stay with him"?, "When are you going to get a divorce? We won't be mad or hurt Mom, you can do it". Please please don't wait to long, your boy is suffering.

trueself said...

Yes, I may be slow but at least I'm catching on.

Boy, can't tell you how long I've wished that he would be the one to make the choice, saving me from having to do it. Ah well, that is not to be so I've got to be the brave one and go forward.

Yes, I thought so.

I will ask him to leave as soon as I can get the papers filed which is dependent on getting my financial information together, and I'm working on that. Hopefully within the next few weeks we'll be separated.