Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Such Good News It Requires a Two Post Day

Yes, in contrast to my last post which was admittedly not the cheeriest post ever this is a post with good news. At least I think it's good news.

W finally showed me a lot about our household finances today and where he keeps things filed. I now have ready access to all the information I need to provide the attorney so we can file for separation. Woohoo!

Status of Operation Info
Step 1
finding the information I need is complete.
Step 2 entails gathering the information when W is not around to catch me snooping. Amazing that looking at my own financial information would be considered snooping, but it would since I've shown so little interest in recent years. Step 2 should be accomplished in the next couple of days.
Step 3 is getting the information to the attorney which I hope to accomplish either this Friday or next Monday at the latest.

All systems go. Full speed ahead. (hoping not to run into any icebergs in the fog)


Karin's Korner said...

Yay trueself!!!!! I am so excited for you. Maybe..just maybe you can have him out of the house before Thanksgiving, if not...just do what I did the last Christmas I was with my X, keep telling yourself "this is the last ______ that I will have to spend with him". Now, I do have to say that I was thinking that very thing when we were at his mother's house for Christmas and all his brothers, their wives, his sister and her husband were all there. So, it was just a little sad when I knew that I would not be spending anymore holidays with his family (I do love them and do still stay in contact with they, they were mad and hurt in the beginning but they also understood and when they got over the hurt, it was good with all of them). So....go dig, dig, dig...get all the info that you need. Do it when he is in bed, when he is in the shower, when he runs to the store...just keep digging whenever you get a chance and before you know it, you will have everything you need. Good Luck my friend.

trueself said...

Yes, Karin, I've been thinking along those lines myself, like last night being the last Halloween we'll have to argue over whether or not it is ok for N to answer the door for trick-or-treaters. For that I rejoice. On the other hand, there are certain members of W's family that I will definitely miss (others not so much) so I understand the bittersweetness of attending a holiday celebration with inlaws and having to think that it will be the last of its kind for you. I still intend to email you one day. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I treasure the support and empathy from you especially since you have travelled this path and understand the feelings, good and bad, that go with it. Thanks.