Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Moving Forward

Proceeding as per attorney instructions:

1) maintaining status quo on the homefront until filing occurs

2) gathering necessary information for attorney to put filing together

3) figuring out how to come up with payment for attorney without calling attention to it given I have no resources other than joint accounts with W

In addition, I am working on:

1) maintaining sanity while dealing with W and his growing erratic behavior

2) figuring out how to break this news to my family (thinking maybe parents can loan me $$ for attorney until filing occurs, and I don't have to hide it anymore)

3) not getting too anxious about things moving slowly. Slow is good.


Finished Last said...

Good luck. There are some long roads ahead. I wish you all the best.

Karin's Korner said...

Good job. My dad loaned me the money for my divorce (he later said not to pay him back and that it was the best $$ he had spent in a long time, you see my dad did not like my X and I never knew it until I was divorcing him, my dad never told me and I never got the feeling when they were together. My dad is passed now but what a stand up man he was.)

trueself said...

Thanks. I know it won't be easy, but I know deep down that it is the right thing to do. I never ever thought I'd say those words, and the decision took a long time to make for that reason.

I hadn't even considered that my parents might be happy if W and I split up. Now that you mention it though, W acts the same in front of them as he does other times so they just very well may be relieved that I'm going to get a divorce. They are definitely the type not to say anything against him to me for fear of offending me. Thanks for making it easier for me to approach my parents on this one.

Stinkypaw said...

Good luck and hang in there - keep reminding yourself that slow is good!

BTW, I finally did your tag (about 9 things) - check it out!

trueself said...

I just finished reading your list. Very cool. Regarding #7, however, you both must have been very tired for that to happen. (Ha, let's see how many hits you get from that cryptic comment!)

Stinkypaw said...

Let's see how many of your readers are curious!!! We were - that happened after a Halloween party, and party we did! ;-)

Emily said...

Thinking of you. Breathe deep.

Emily xox

freebird said...

Me too. Be strong. FB x

trueself said...

Emily & FB,
Thank you. I appreciate both of you very much. I know that it is sometimes hard for you to read what I'm doing and that you don't always agree with the choices I'm making. I appreciate that you care enough to keep coming back though. This isn't an easy time for me, and I appreciate all the support I feel from both of you. If only we weren't on three separate continents we could get together over coffee and have a good cry.
{{hugs}} to you both.

Pink said...

Hang in there Sweetie.....things will get better.

freebird said...

That coffee is a great idea. Just imagine it! We should set a date for our girls' virtual coffee morning one day and maybe by then you'll have something to smile about instead of cry.