Sunday, October 22, 2006

Old Poll and New

Last week's question yielded interesting results. Nobody wants sex less than once a week, but most people want it at least 4 times a week.

Results of the poll in their entirety:

What is the perfect frequency of sex for you? [23 votes total]

More than once/day (4) 17%
Once/day (3) 13%
4-6 times/week (9) 39%
2-3 times/week (6) 26%
Once/week (1) 4%
2-3 times/month (0) 0%
Once/month (0) 0%
A few times per year (0) 0%
Once/year (0) 0%
Less than once/year (0) 0%
Never (0) 0%

Now, if the people who responded to the poll are the same ones with the blogs that I read, I sense that the desire is in conflict with the reality. Which brings us to this week's poll. This week instead of asking about what you want, I want to know what it is that you have. Think about the past six months or so, and let me know what your average frequency of sex has been. My feeling is it will be way lower than this week's results. I know for me I haven't gotten anything close to my desired 4-5 times/week. If memory serves, I think I've averaged about 2-3 times/month in the last six months, and that was a significant increase from the prior couple of years. Hopefully the next six months to a year will bring further increase in frequency for me.


Rob said...

Over the last 6 months: the score sits at - realtime: zip, online: (evil grin)

trueself said...

Been there, done that, know how awful it feels.