Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Couldn't Do It

I am a failure.

I am too weak to escape my hell here on earth.

The black hole of depression is swallowing me again.

Is suicide the only escape?


Fiona said...


TS, NO!!!!

What stopped you this time? Fear of hurting him? Fear of the unknown? Fear of the future falling down on you?

Talk to us....please talk to us.


Serenity said...

One word, or in this case one letter: N . Don't even go there, don't even look down that road because he needs you, so just suck it up for his sake, i'm not trying to be mean, but you need to keep the most important person in your life first and foremost right now. don't mess him up. please.
hugs from me too.

BJ said...

NO! Absolutely not an option. Get that thought outta your head right now. You CAN DO THIS.

Fiona said...

You tell her BJ.....I believe she can too. Nothing wrong with a few false starts.

Al Laddin said...

Darn it fiona, you took the words right out of my fingers!


Fer gosh sakes's not like your canning the gardener. It'll happen. You've put the manifestation in play. It'll happen.

freebird said...

What can I say TS? What the others said, and adding hugs from me.
I believe this is exactly how Mr E felt a few weeks ago when he just couldn't take what appeared to everybody else to be the perfect opportunity handed to him on a plate. But I'm still standing by him and BJ is still standing by you. Thank god you're both still here.
Don't let anyone pressure you, but accept support where it's offered - and from where I'm standing it looks like you've got plenty of friends who care enough to see you through this. We're here for you, TS.

oldbear said...

Hi Truey, I would like to add my voice to those saying dont even think about the s-word.

I beg you, get professional help!!

I know from experience that depressed or cornered people are not always rational, but try to see this for what it is.

A temporary setback to a Lady who is basically having problems cuz she is too nice to tell her deficient and sometimes dastardly husband the truth.

You have been nice about this for a long time. I know guilt seems programmed into you, as does the feeling its all your responsibility to make things work out.

You owe him nothing at this point, and you are not going to hurt your son by leaving.

BUT, if you cant bring yourself to tell him now, its not the end of happiness forever.

You have a man who adores you, a kid who adores you, and friends. You will be good in the long run. In the short run you will be OK.

Dont think less of you cuz you did nto tell him. Dont put that kind of prssure on you, you deserve respect and ACCEPTANCE where you are at now, that includes FROM YOU.

Peace and serenity to you Truey!!