Monday, July 02, 2007

New Shoes

Whadya' think?

Not counting the raggedy ass way my feet look.

Maybe I oughta consider a pedicure if I'm gonna wear sandals all summer.

And yes, I AM going to wear sandals all summer. It's the closest thing to barefoot I can get away with in most places.

And people, there's still time to get your questions in to me for my tell-all-answer-anything post that I'll be doing in a day or two. Maybe on Wednesday, Independence Day, which by the way is an oxymoron of a day to get married, but could end up being a good day to regain one's independence.

Sorry, meandering from the purpose of this post which was just to show you my new shoes. This, my friends, has been the biggest crisis of the summer, having to find new black sandals after the old ones fell apart. After all, how can one properly address other issues like divorce and parenting when one hasn't any black sandals to wear? Gasp!


Al Laddin said...

Nice Paws!!! Cool sandals.

Trueself said...

Thank you Al. You are too kind.

fashion said...

i like the shoes....looking great!!...i too love wearing my black nike shoes and they are so comfortable