Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rant – Part VI

I promise this is the last of it. I can't stand it anymore either so I'm finishing up so we can all move on, so to speak. Come tomorrow I’ll find something less whiney to write, or at least I'll write on a different topic even if it is whiney.

Tuesday morning dawns with me scared shitless nervous about checking on W to see how he’s doing after his falls the night before. After showering and dressing I go check on him to find that he is lying in his bed on his side with his eyes open and his CPAP removed. I ask him how he feels. Sore, but he’d already been up to the bathroom a little earlier and intends to work on getting up soon. I leave for work.

At lunch time I call to check on things. W says he has been up a short time. It’s hard to walk particularly going up and down the stairs. I ask if he’d like me to bring lunch home, and he says yes so I do so. At lunch, W tells me he is calling around to handyman services to see if he can find someone to move the desk top from the truck to the garage. So far he has had no luck finding anyone who can do it on such short notice.

After lunch I return to work and try not to think about the behemoth truck sitting in my driveway. Once my work day is over I head home thinking that I am going to have to find some way of getting that goddamned motherfucking desktop out of the truck all by myself. I haven’t a clue how, but I will try. EXCEPT that I forgot that we have our marital counseling by phone in the evening. Therefore my priority becomes making dinner so we can eat prior to the call. We eat. We call. We talk. We cry. We talk some more. It is after 9:00 p.m. before I even have a chance to think about the desktop or the truck or anything else. I give up and do nothing about it at all.

Wednesday morning W announces that he feels better and that he is going to get that desktop out of the truck all by himself. I go to work and try not to think about what could happen. Sometimes, when you least expect it, things actually go right for a change. Late morning W calls to tell me he has gotten the desktop to the garage safely and without incident. He is about to take the truck back to the rental place. He calls later to let me know that the truck has been returned, and he and N have safely returned home via the local bus system. Hallelujah!

I swear to you at that moment I was ready to sing praises to the heavens that it was all over.
[cue Hallelujah Chorus]

Until I remembered all that junk in the garage. . .
[cue screechy scary music from Psycho]


Serenity said...

Time for a garage sale? ;)

Fiona said...

TS - you have the patience of Job!!

I'm glad most of it is over.

Trueself said...

Serenity - Yes, if only we could get things organized enough!

Fiona - You're glad?!? I'm ecstatic!! lol

oldbear said...

Hi Truey, glad you got it done!

Sorry to hear of his fall though, even if W has been a real hoser to you, no body deserves to get rwracked up like an old person can when they fall.

Glad you all aint maimed by it, and yes moving pretty much sucks. At least loading at the old house. Or anything needing to be carried up stairs!!!!!