Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What the Inkblots Say

Following such a heavy post as yesterday's I thought I'd come back with something a bit lighter. I took a quiz. I love these silly little quizzes. They make great time wasters and diversions when you're trying to avoid realty.

I agree with the outcome of this quiz. It is a fairly good description of me. However, the picture they included with it really creeps me out.
Laney`s Original Inkblot Test

Outcome C - The Scientist.

Based on the descriptions you chose, you have quite a unique mind. You are creative, introverted, and find it hard to meet new people. You are constantly looking for new methods and ideas, and find excitement in learning.

Personality Test Results

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Fiona said...

Outcome A - The Human.

Based on the descriptions you chose, you are practical, reliable, friendly, and fit in with people quite nicely. You probably have a regular family and do well in acedemia.

I had to indicate none in the majority but I saw with incredible intensity and clarity, something they hadn't put on the list, it just wasn't close enough to what I saw to pick it.

BJ said...

Hey, I'm human! Cool.

Trueself said...

Hmm, you're both human, and I'm a nerd.


Al Laddin said...

Outcome D - The Teenager.

Based on the descriptions you chose, you have a young mind. A little immature at times, and always one to need attention any way you can get it. Others your age or younger find it easy to get along with you, and you are always entertaining. You are curious about the world, and are still amused by toilet humour.


Trueself said...

Al - Interesting insight into your character. Hmm. . .