Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

  • No more talk since Friday about the break up. I was intending to do it last night during our counseling session together, but the counselor called yesterday and had to reschedule us to Thursday. It has become clear to me that W isn't going to bring it up again, so I know it's up to me to keep this thing moving.
  • N has been having mystery stomach pains, sometimes severe. The doctor hasn't figured out the problem yet, but is monitoring him. Damn, I hate it when my baby is sick.
  • I'm in SQL training the next two days at work. Then three more days next week. I'm gonna turn into a programmer yet. Sheesh, accounting nerd/computer geek. Could I get any more square?
  • I've gotten so little sleep between N's pains and my angst over my situation that it's a wonder I'm even still standing. Do you suppose they'll include naptime during the training? No, I don't think so either.


freebird said...

If W is anything like Mr B it will always be you who has to bring the subject up, and with no more discussion since Friday you can see how easy it is for it to be swept under the carpet. Best of luck tonight in your counseling session, and I hope N's pains get sorted out soon. Hope you get some rest this weekend too. I'll be thinking about you.

Fiona said...

No sweeping ladies. Get thee thy brooms away!!!!

I hope N is OK and can't help wondering, if they are finding nothing, could he be sensing all of this and needing attention?

freebird said...

What Fi said there reminds me of a time long ago when we lived with my M-I-L (very unhappily) and I used to get mysterious stomach pains, nearly always on a Sunday, the day when we most had to play happy families. I tried every patent medicine you could name to relieve them and then discovered the only thing that cured them was whisky! When I told my sister this she pointed out the glaringly obvious connection - stress. I'm not suggesting you put N on whisky(!) just that stress can manifest itself in strange ways.

Trueself said...

Okay, I'll put the broom away, particularly during tonight's counseling session.

As far as N goes, I am 98% convinced now that it is psychological rather than physical. Yesterday he did end up, at the direction of his pediatrition, in the ER yesterday afternoon. They did x-rays and found nothing. He was mighty disappointed that all they could diagnose was pleurisy with instructions to take children's tylenol to help the discomfort. Given his performance yesterday evening when I got home, he has a great future in acting some day.