Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Anybody Wanna Come Over for Christmas?

I have this thing in my head, a yearning really, to do something special for Christmas. No, I don’t mean over the top lighting displays or having my living room and dining room look like Martha Stewart did the decorating. No, I’m talking special in a people sort of way.

What I want to do is invite people who have nobody with whom to spend Christmas day to spend it at my house. I want to let people come together who would otherwise be sitting alone in their house or apartment or cardboard shelter under the eaves of the downtown buildings. I want to have a house full of strangers sharing food and drink and conversation and holiday fun.

Does that sound weird? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it does. I don’t care though. It is what I want to do for Christmas this year. I want to put an announcement in the bulletin at church inviting those who will not be with family and friends to join us and make new friends. I want to post an invitation on the bi group’s private message board. I don’t want to invite just random strangers, but rather to invite those whom I know, but perhaps not well, and get to know them better.

And another thing I want to do? On Christmas morning, I want to take plates of Christmas goodies to the local firehouse to share with the firefighters not getting to spend the holiday with their families.

So will I do any of this? Will I allow my enthusiasm win out over the naysayers and scoffers who think that I am being too Pollyanna when I think that anyone would attend my little Christmas soiree? I don’t know, but I hope so. I hope that by actually giving voice to the idea it can go from the realm of thought, where it has lived for several years, to that of reality.

So blog friends, anybody want to come over for Christmas day at my house? If I've gotten to know you well enough to know you're a real person behind the online persona, I will welcome you with open arms.


Karin's Korner said...

Good for you! What a wonderful Christmas wish. I hope you go for it and have a great time. When I lived in Wisconsin, We lived in a college town where many of the kids did not get to go home for all holidays. We always opened our home for friends and family that had no where to go. It is a wonderful feeling knowing that you are spending time with friends and family on the holidays. Please do it, you will not regret it.

Bunny said...

You should definitely do these things. It will show N what the spirit of Christmas is all about!

I would come over if I could, but my mom would never forgive me if I wasn't there on Christmas (we're doing the holiday with the in-laws the weekend before).

Keep us updated!

Val said...

Damn, if I were within a reasonable driving distance...
But seriously, maybe next year [when I won't have Z for the 1st half of Xmas break]??

Jeni Angel said...

I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now, but have enver commented, but I wanted to say I think this is a FANTASTIC idea. In fact, I am so sad that I live much too far away to come.

I can not wait to hear all the fantastic stories!

D said...

TS - Sorry for lack of comments lately but work has decreed your blog of an adult nature. As for your idea that is precisely what my Mom has done the years that she decides not to come and doesn't come and visit us at our homes - it works really well and everyone has a great time. You go girl it will be to use your American vernacular - AWESOME.

freebird said...

Great idea TS. And I'd love to come, but I'm not quite as free a bird as I'd like to be yet! Happy Christmas anyway, and I'll be there in spirit.

Trueself said...

Wow! Such enthusiastic responses! You all have certainly made me think I'm headed in the right direction with this idea.

Karin - Glad to hear that it worked well for you. Gives me hope I can have a similar experience.

Bunny - Hey, I definitely don't want to upset your mom so as much as we'll miss you enjoy your Christmas with family. ;-)

Val - You are absolutely welcome next year, or any year. Or anytime, not just Christmas. Come on up girlfriend!

Jeni - Thanks for speaking up! I love it when another lurker shows themselves.

D - I've been deemed an adult blog, eh? Gee, I ought to tackle more adult topics if I'm going to be classified that way, I guess.

FB - When you are free, feel free to drop by anytime you happen to be in my neighborhood. :-)

Stinkypaw said...

Don't let people change your mind if you really want to do this. I've been doing something for the last 5 years and it feels so good, it is worth the time and effort, trust me!

That's what Chirtmas is all about, sharing and loving! You go girl!