Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have a big post in the works. It is one of those rare things from me -- a thoughtful examination of an issue bigger than my immediate crisis du jour. However, because it is a thoughtful thing it is taking some time, a lot of time when compared to the usual whine I throw up here. Anyway, it's out there, coming soon to a blog near you.

In the meantime, my regular whininess continues:

(1) Christmas is only 6 days away and I am woefully unprepared.
(2) W has a cold, N is coming down with one, and I'm hoping to avoid it.
(3) The snow is still here, but is turning into that ugly brownish gray slush that I hate with more passion than any weather phenomenon deserves.
(4) Because church was cancelled last Sunday due to the bad weather nobody has gotten to see my invitation to Christmas dinner so I'm bummed that Christmas Day is likely to be just W and N and me. Blech.
(5) I have not been intimate with anyone for 45 days. Grumpy does not begin to describe how this makes me feel.

But enough about me. How's your day going?

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Val said...

I know whatcha mean on the "No time to be thoughtful" posting... Yet I find myself typing out a quick pile of mush??? -- just out of habit, I guess...
NO ONE could be more woefully unprepared for Xmas than I am, but at least I got a verbal promise from my parents to at least come over for Christmas dinner...

Bunny said...

I've been sick, so I genuinely hope that you don't get what W and N have. Though it did give me some time with my thoughts and I was able to put them down onto, er, into cyberspace. Of course my thoughts had nothing to do with an issue of the day - just my usual horndog stories.

I'm also horribly unprepared for Christmas, and we are having early Christmas with the in-laws on SATURDAY (copious foul language deleted).

The Silent Male said...

45 DAYS????? Are there at least some batteries involved? I am just feeling for you going through the dry spell.

freebird said...

Well how does 5 months grab ya? Yup that's me folks! (And prospects aren't any better.)
Hope you don't get the bug, that and Christmas would be just too much to bear.
Looking forward to your big post, and love the funny pic :-D

Trueself said...

Val - Oh yes, I do believe I could be more unprepared than you are. We still don't have ornaments on the tree, just a bare tree with lights standing forlornly in the living room. It is sad. . .

Bunny - I read your story. It didn't make me feel a bit better about my recent drought, but it did provide a nice temporary diversion. ;-)
On the illness front, it appears that through self-medication and much rest (actually made myself get some decent amount of sleep the last couple of nights) I seem to have missed the bug. I hope. W is still down with it. N just had sniffles for two or three days but seems fine now.

SM - I'm afraid to say that 45 days isn't even that long to me anymore. Past droughts have lasted ever so much longer. Of course, I'm open to all offers for ending the dry spell.

FB - Yes, I've been there with those unending months of nothingness. It is quite a drag.