Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What I Got For Christmas

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To be fair I must say that W and I had decided not to get gifts for each other and count the Rose Bowl trip as our Christmas present. However, W also had indicated on a couple of different occasions that he wasn't entirely sticking to that agreement. Given those facts, I went out and helped N pick a present for W, not terribly expensive but useful. I also spent less than $20 on a small gift for W from Santa plus a few stocking stuffers (candy that I would have bought anyway). So while N and W opened presents yesterday I watched and enjoyed their reactions to their gifts. I didn't have a good answer for N when he asked why my stocking was empty, but I smiled and just laughed it off. I guess when W asked for suggestions for stocking stuffers for me last weekend it was more an academic question. I did get a Rose Bowl sweatshirt, part of a group gift W had bought for the three of us, sweatshirts for each of us.

Yes, it is better to give than receive. Yes, I am very grateful for the Rose Bowl trip. I never let on in front of either of them that I was just a little hurt. This is the only place and time I will whine about it at all. I just wish W hadn't made it sound like he was not going to honor the agreement. If he hadn't, I would have only gotten the stocking stuffers for him and let the rest go. As it was, I felt a little deceived, and once again realized that because we don't engage in clear communication we open ourselves to misunderstandings.


aphron said...

It's nice to have a small gift under the tree to open. Even if it is nothing.

Summer said...

I know many people that agree upon no gifts but always buy the other a token gift just to let the other know they care. Obviously W doesn't get it. I'd be hurt too.

Trueself said...

Aphron - Yes indeed it is.

Summer - Just one more thing that W doesn't get.