Friday, December 07, 2007

Moi? A Tramp?

Heh. I have seen this on several others' blogs and decided to see what it would say about me. I must say that other than the outgoing part I would agree with this representation. Although geez, tramp? Really? Well yeah, okay. I can see their point.

On the Christmas front, I have already put out an invitation on the bi group's message board. No takers yet, but I anticipate there won't be too many, and particularly not until closer to Christmas maybe as other plans fall through or something. It's too late to get a notice in this week's bulletin at church, but I'm going to get one in for next week's. I am feeling very good about this little undertaking. Of course, it does mean I'm going to have to get the house tidied up by then. Yikes!

One last thing -- moving from CA back to the Midwest is not looking like a great move only from the standpoint of all the SNOW we are dealing with here. It's not even Christmas yet! Go away snow! Go away now! I was spoiled the first few winters back with mild winter weather particularly early in the season. This year, we had our first snow the first week of December. Arrgh. . . And yes, I know, it could be worse. I could live in Canada or upstate NY or Alaska or Iceland or Siberia. The thing is, I know it could be better. I lived it for 18 years. Eighteen years and only a dusting of snow a handful of times in all those years. Now that was the right amount of snow. Yes, I know this is incredibly whiney, but it's my blog and I'll whine if I want to. I'll get over it.


The Silent Male said...

I live in a land of no snow and I find that I really miss it. Kind of strange I guess. I'll probably wish I didn't have to deal with it if I lived in a place that got snow.

Summer said...

Greetings from upstate NY where we've had 20 inches of snow since Dec 1 I like it until Christmas, then it can all melt. Of course it won't so I amuse myself looking a gardening books.

Steff said...

It was 83 here today! If you're sending snow away can you send it south please. :)

Bunny said...

Yes, the midwest (particularly UPPER midwest) has snow to contend with, but the cost of living is so darn reasonable, I could never bring myself to move to CA. We've discussed it, since Spousehole is a programmer and all and CA is kind of a good place for that sort of thing, but I just can't imagine trying to buy a house out there. What goes for $150K here would bring $650K out there. The salaries aren't enough higher out there to make up for the difference in real estate prices. Nope, I'll stay here in my cold state with 4 seasons, lots of clean, fresh water, and no earthquakes or hurricanes.

Trueself said...

SM - Make you a deal. You come here and enjoy the snow, and I'll go there and enjoy the lack thereof. Whaddya think? ;-)

Summer - I think I'd go stark raving mad dealing with so much snow as y'all do up there.

Steff - I would love to send the snow your way, the freezing rain too.

Bunny - Good points about CA particularly now since I don't see housing prices rising nearly as much now as before. We were lucky to sell our house for twice what we bought it for just five years before. There is no way we could move back there now, because the same house is now worth almost triple what we originally paid for it 10 years ago. You are right though that salaries do not make the same difference. I took a one third cut in pay moving to the Midwest, but housing prices were easily only half what they were in CA. Five years later my goal is to get back to the same salary I left in CA, and I'm still not terribly close.