Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hardly News

I read a lot of newspapers online on a regular basis. I like to know what's going on both where I live and where I used to live, and since I've lived in a lot of places that means I read a lot of newspapers. What would I do without the internet to make that possible? (Ok, I won't tell you about how I used to have subscriptions and recieve out of town papers in the mail nor will I mention how I would go down to the local newstand and buy the occasional copy of other out of town papers. Truly, the internet has done a lot in the way of saving our forests even if you just take into account the volume of paper that has been saved by me reading online.) Anyway, that's not my point here. My point here is that I was reading the Daily Illini online the other day and ran across this:

'I shall not pass this way again...' - Editorials

I remember reading it when I was a student at the University. Not too many nights after I read it, I had one of my recurring dreams about it being almost time for finals but I had forgotten to attend this one particular class so was completely unprepared for the exam. Sometimes I wonder what it would take to ever get that dream to go away. I've had it off and on ever since I graduated. I never had it until after I was already out of school. Again, this post is just me rambling away with no reason as I'm still working on my meatier more thoughtful post.

And remember, only five more days until Christmas.

And one last thing, another tribute to Dan Fogelberg. This one is running through my head today:

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