Monday, December 10, 2007

Can't Quite Give It Up

Well, thanks to being an athletic fund donor (small $ but a donor nevertheless) I am now the owner of four tickets to the Rose Bowl game.

So I'm invested so far to the tune of $540.

Now, what to do with them.

Use them?

Sell them?

Sell some of them to finance the travel portion of the trip?

Give them away and be done with it?

Trade a couple of them to some wealthy person for a ride on his/her private jet out to the game and back?

Some of these options seem more plausible than others.

Now, how am I supposed to concentrate on work today? Huh?


Serenity said...

Helloo, trip of a lifetime!! Hellooo, do what it takes to get there! You will regret not going, so make it work. "All I want for Christmas is cash to help fund my dram trip to the Rose Bowl." Etc. Do what it takes. A bit of debt? Meh, no biggie. Do it. GO!

The Silent Male said...

I would be looking around the house for things to sell. Seriously, how badly do you need to keep the stove and microwave and refrigerator and dishwasher around - they could fund your trip.