Tuesday, December 04, 2007


So much for dreams of attending the Rose Bowl to see the Illini take on USC in the Grandaddy of all bowl games. Even though I checked my finances to make sure I could go I did not anticipate the price of each piece of the puzzle being so high. There is no freaking way I, cheapskate that I am, will spend the kind of money it will take to go.

$135 - Ticket to game (ok, a little higher than expected but not by much; it is the best bowl game around after all, so far so good)
$499 - Price for 1 adult for the alumni 2 night tour package including hotel and transportation to the game, but not airfare or transfers from/to airport and hotel
$700 - Best fare to be found right now on any airline for the dates of travel (and yes I know I can keep checking and maybe get something better)
$1,334 - Total cost for just me to attend the Rose Bowl game only without costs of incidentals such as, oh little things like meals and such. Plus if I want to go to the Rose Parade (and truly I care as much or more about that than the game) add $85 to the total. Then to take the Super Shuttle from the airport and back would be $15 each way.
So let's just say a round total of about $1,500 for me, by myself, to fly to LA, spend 2 nights in a hotel and attend the parade and game.

Now, I don't really want to go all alone so if I take N with me let's add up his costs.
$135 - ticket to the game.
$85 - parade.
$209 - child price on the 2 night tour.
$700 - airfare
$30 - round trip Super Shuttle
$1,159 plus whatever dining costs are while we're there plus a souvenir or two so probably around $1,300.

Total this up and you have $2,800 for N and me. Egads. That's much more than I expected. Ain't happenin'. Holy cow. Fun truly is only for the rich or those willing to mortgage their future.

Oh well, it was a nice dream while it lasted. Guess I'll be watching on TV. Sigh. . .


Bunny said...

I'm so sorry that it's looking like it won't work out. :-(

Don't expect the airfares to get better either. My in-laws have gone when U-M goes to the Rose Bowl and the airfares only get worse, because of the demand that time of year. It bites.


Al Laddin said...

C'mon Tru...

The opportunity to watch the Illini SPANK the University of Spoiled Children will be PRICELESS!

Annnnd....who knows when it will happen again.

Treat yourself, Dear One.

Anonymous said...

A woman has to do what a woman has to do. I definitely don't envy your dilemma on this one.

Trueself said...

Bunny - Oh well, sometimes life just doesn't go the way we think we want. Maybe somehow this if for the best.

Al - Well, just send me the $2,800. N and I will be glad to thank you handsomely for your generosity as we enjoy both the parade and the game. ;-)

SM - Yeah, spend the money on the trip and the game or on a divorce. Hmmmm. . .