Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Relief

Absence of Light

Cannot think clearly
Cannot function

Stay in bed
Pull up the covers

Go away world
Go away
Leave me be

Let me cry
Let me sleep
Let me die a little more inside

Don’t push me
Don’t pull me
Don’t, just don’t

Go away
Wait! Come back
Help me please

Never mind
Go away
Nothing will help

Where is it?
Where did you hide the joy?
Why is it gone?

Shut up
Leave me alone
Give up on me like others have

No, stay
No, better to go

Leave me wallowing
Don’t reward me for it
By trying to soothe me

Give it up
I’m not worth it
Give up on me as I have


Bunny said...

I will not give up on you and don't you either!! EVER.

Stinkypaw said...

TS you need help, seek help, please. Do it for yourself, let that be your Christmas gift to yourself...please.

Summer said...

TS, been there, climbed out. I needed help to do it but it can be done. YOU can do it.

Anonymous said...

If we could be in the same room, I would offer to hold you and you would be allowed to just let yourself be held, or cry, or whatever thoughts come to your mind. Its long distance and electronic, here is your hug (which is more like you being held and comforted in a man's arms).

Serenity said...

Light therapy. We are in the darkest days of winter right now, and we've got a ways to go yet. Get help. There's nothing wrong with needing help.

freebird said...

Hey, what's happened TS?
Here if you want me, (not that I'm much help!).