Friday, February 15, 2008

Benefits with the FWB

Just a brief warning here. I don't often get terribly sexually graphic here. This post does. If that is not your cup of tea skip this post.

Yesterday I spent the evening with K because earlier in the week I called, checked schedules with him and determined that Thursday was the best day to meet. Actually, I was hoping for Thursday, a distraction from the dreaded V Day, and was glad that day worked for K.

I arrived at K's house a little after 7:00. He greeted me at the door with a kiss. We chatted a few minutes about this and that, typical small talk about work and the weather. We started kissing more and talking less, and our hands began to roam our clothed bodies. At some point, K invited me to head back to his bedroom. We walked down the hall, undressed as we reached his bedroom and laid down together.

I adore K's kisses. We kissed deeply as both of us allowed our hands to explore the other's body. I absolutely adore the feeling of two naked bodies pressed tightly together locked in a kiss. I can just get lost in the the feeling of it and did last night. K kissed me on the neck a lot which is something that just absolutely melts me. I love the sensation of lips and tongue on my neck and K spent a good deal of time there before moving on to my breasts. He sucked eagerly on my breasts. Between that and his fingering my clit he brought me to my first orgasm of the night.

K's cock was getting really hard and as he fingered my pussy I stroked his cock. I was incredibly wet from all of his attentions. He started to pay more attention to my ass and slid his finger inside my asshole while sliding another in my pussy. What a sensation. I love the feeling when he does that. After a while we repositioned so I was on all fours at the foot of the bed with K standing behind me. He grabbed some lube, made his cock and my ass slippery as could be and slid his cock deep into my ass. Oh what a feeling. It was the first time K and I had anal sex. Although I don't ever orgasm from anal sex I do love the sensations as a hard cock squeezes into that tight opening. We fucked that way for quite a while. Eventually he pulled out and went back to manually stimulating me still in the doggy position. He fucked me in both holes simultaneously with his fingers until the sensations were overpowering and I had my strongest orgasm of the evening. I collapsed onto the bed, heart pounding, breathing ragged. I was wiped out, temporarily. K excused himself to the bathroom to clean up and soon returned.

He climbed into bed with me and snuggled with me. We stayed that way a long time, laying there in silence, snuggled together. I thought how good that felt to have my head on his shoulder, his arm around me holding me close to him. I can’t begin to adequately describe just how good it feels to me to lie next to a man with my head on his chest, his arm around me gently stroking my arm. It is the single most comforting feeling in the world to me. All of life’s troubles melt away at that moment. I would have been perfectly content to just stay that way, doze off and spend the night there. However, K and I have never discussed that possibility, and I didn’t want to risk ruining the moment so I just kept my mouth shut and stayed still.

After a while, our hands started to roam more again, enjoying the tactile sensations as we explored each other. I felt K’s member rising as I stroked him, and I worked on it a bit more with my hand before scooting down and taking his hard cock deeply into my mouth. I really enjoy going down on K because he is so appreciative of it and a couple of different ways. For one, he is pretty vocal so I know when I’m doing really well and am learning the things that he particularly likes. For another, he puts his hand on my back, sometimes the back of my head and holds me to him, not forcing me in any way yet just letting me know to stay there and keep going. It surprised me when I finally came up for air that I’d been at it for almost 20 minutes. It used to be that I would’ve worried that I wasn’t good enough at it that it would take that long before a man would cum, but now I’ve learned to relax and not worry so much about that. The man is often just enjoying the sensations and doesn’t necessarily want it to be over with too soon. So now that’s the assumption I work from rather than my earlier one of not being good enough. Hopefully, if there’s something different I should be doing K will tell me.

I worked my way back up and snuggled into his arms and chest again. We lay there a long time quietly then drifted into chit chat, debating our favorite subject of disagreement – politics. He’s a conservative Republican. I’m anything but. We enjoy our discussions of his right wing wacko positions versus my left wing commie sympathizer positions. I will say that we truly are FRIENDS in addition to the BENEFITS. Best of both worlds. No romantic feelings between us though. I’m not sure why, but it just is what it is.

Now to my one complaint, and the complaint that I believe I’ve had with every single man I’ve ever been with – not enough oral attention paid to me. What is it with guys? Every one of ‘em claims to love it, to always do it for their woman, to make sure she’s satisfied. I’m always very up front about it. That is THE THING that does it for me. Oh sure, I can get off other ways but it is never as good as with oral stimulation. Why, why, why, why, why, why do men only do oral the first time and then rarely ever again? I’ve even asked them at times. Is there a hygiene problem? Is there something I can do to make things more inviting? No, no, I’m told everything is fine. Then WTF is it? It isn’t as though I don’t reciprocate. I do! I very much do! I don’t want to keep score, but I know that there isn’t any man I’ve been with who has spent anywhere close to as much time orally pleasuring me as I have spent orally pleasuring him. I swear if I ever find a man who will consistently provide me with some oral pleasure I’ll stick with him like glue to the end of time. I’ll do whatever he asks. I’ll bend over backwards for him. The problem is I don’t think he exists. I have yet to find him. Maybe I really should just switch sides altogether. From the tales I hear from members of my bi group women will get in there and get ‘er done every time as long as it isn’t “that time of the month.” Sigh. . . . . . oh to have such pleasures. Sigh. . . . . .


Bunny said...

I am with you on the lack of oral -- particular from men who claim to LOVE it. If you go on, at least 3/4 of the men on there go on and on and on about how much they love to provide oral to a woman, how her pleasure is their pleasure, etc. Then you get with them and it's like you aren't even with the same guy described in their profile. Where is he? That's the guy I came here to meet!!

I have run across guys who do seriously seem to live to pleasure women (I can tell you about one in particular in email or on IM sometime . . . a blogger you may have read . . . .) and they are wonderful. Though that can go overboard too and they just totally wear you out! 8 is enough - really, I swear!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit I am guilty about not giving enough oral. Giving a woman pleasure is very important for me though. If my partner isn't into it and having a great time, I kind of lose interest. I have reached the age where losing interest is kind of visible. Anyway, I do give oral, I probably don't give enough though. I definitely try to make up for with lots of touching, and making sure I last long enough.

Glad you had a really good evening.

Val said...

**Sigh** I'm glad to vicariously experience your good times, honey!
I know whatcha mean on the turnabout-being-fair-play routine...

mia said...

Wow, that was fun to read! I know a guy in our area who claims to love oral and really does live up to it. We should chat on yahoo about him. I'm sure he'd be willing to travel, too.

Trueself said...

Bunny - Well, then, at least it isn't just me. Sometimes I have wondered if these oral aficionados found something about me personally distasteful (so to speak). Now I'm pretty well sure it's just because all men are dogs, out for what gets them off and not really giving a flying fuck whether we're left satisfied or not. Attitude? What attitude?

SM - I do give oral, I probably don't give enough though. I definitely try to make up for with lots of touching, and making sure I last long enough. Yes, that's exactly the problem right there, trying to make up for the lack of THE ONE THING we crave so badly by using other fun, but not as fun, techniques. Sigh. . .

Val - So glad I can give you that vicarious thrill.

Mia - Where is this guy?!?! I must meet him! I doubt I'll get on Yahoo tonight but the very next time you and I are both there I will be getting details from you my dear.

Drama said...

Amen!! I'm so sick of hearing how much they love doing it and how good they are and then you are trying to figure out what caused them to lose interest.

Bunny - there is no such thing as going overboard when it comes to oral sex. hehehe

I did date a guy in college that oh my goodness...he could literally spend hours. Hours. Oh that was such a wonderful *problem* to have!

Sixdegrees said...

So I am in quite the opposite situation - I truly do enjoy oral sex but my wife has an intense dislike of either giving or receiving. "Yuck" was her comment once about putting my penis in her mouth. Back in the day when we actually had SEX, I would orally stimulate her nipples to arousal before starting a slow slide down her body. She would always pull me back up with a "let's not go there".

Yet another case of mismatch on the sexual side of things. Suggestions welcome.

Trueself said...

Drama - Oh to have a problem like that!

6D - Don't know that I have any suggestions for you other than you seem to have some likely candidates here. ;-) (Sorry, that wasn't very helpful I'm afraid.)