Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Let me start by saying that I had a really vitriolic post written for today. It was downright nasty and reflected my mood from when I wrote it a few days ago. However, as I have thought about it I decided that nothing good will come from me copping an attitude. So instead of my original post, I am going to post here roses to each of several people who deserve them:

Rose #1:
To N, my boy, my son, my reason for living. He is the best son a mom could have, not to mention that he is an awesome soccer player and all around athlete.

Rose #2:
To W, for coming around and working reasonably with me the last few days on making this whole separation and divorce thing work and keeping the focus on doing the best we can for N.

Rose #3:
To BJ, for sitting down with me last weekend and clearing the air, allowing me to move on in peace without lingering doubts and questions.

Rose #4:
To K, for spending this evening with me and not mentioning when I set it up anything about it being Valentine's Day.

Rose #5:
To C, for being my bestest best friend and helping me stay sane through this crazy time.

Rose #6:
To Drama, for the empathy and understanding, for being there daily via email for me to share the ups and downs on the rollercoaster with me.

Now, I hope each and every one of you who reads this goes and has a really fine Valentine's Day.


Val said...

Happy Valentine's Day (sounds like you're going to have a good one w/K anyway ;-)
I scored a dozen roses + small box of Godiva from DH (delivered to my office yesterday); but we'll do our "dinner-date" thang tomorrow night since he won't be home until fairly late tonight...

Drama said...

::sniffle:: Thank you, Girlfriend. But yanno that I'm there for ya no matter what. And in two weeks we'll be setting the town on FIRE. Yeehaw!!

I'd say that I hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day but as I look at the clock I know that you already are. *wink*wink*.


Love ya,

Bunny said...

Happy VD to you, True! You are a strong, beautiful woman and deserve every happiness life can bring.

Hope you and K had fun!

Anonymous said...

Yep, hope you are having a fun day.

Stinkypaw said...

Hope you had a good one as well...

Trueself said...

Val - I think it's probably better to do the dinner date thing tonight rather than last night. V Day is always hell at restaurants in my opinion.

Drama - **BIG HUGS** right back atcha! Don't you know the Midwest better be on alert when the two of us get together?!? I can't wait!

Bunny - Why thank you yes I am and yes I do! Life is good.

SM - Read my new post later today and you'll know just how much fun was had.

SP - Thank you, I did.