Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Early Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I started doing a little early spring cleaning. My cell phone is devoid of text messages. Every single one between him and me are gone. His phone number and voicemail phone number are also gone from my cell phone. No emails between us remain on my work email. I was going to purge the same from my personal email accounts and remove him from my contacts on Yahoo IM last night, but after the wave of emotional turmoil brought on by the first wave of purging I decided to wait a day or two. I can only take so much emotion in one day.

It is far past time to move on. His actions have made his feelings quite clear. It is his loss. I can do better. I will do better. I will always and forever miss him, but I’m sure as time goes by it will get better. I wish to hell this was easier to get through.


Val said...

Damn -- good for you, babe!
& I wonder why I seem to still be stuck in the limbo of the perpetual rage-cycle at my ex...
[I know, I know, go post about it!]

Summer said...

This is never easy but I agree with you, you can and will do better.

freebird said...

That is so brave of you TS. And do you feel better for it?
I have to confess that in spite of everything I still haven't done it.

Trueself said...

Val - I really don't want to get stuck in limbo which is why, even though it's hard, I'm doing it anyway.

Summer - Not easy at all.

FB - Yes, I feel better for it. However, it hasn't kept me from backsliding (see today's post). The process continues.