Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wish I Hadn't Read It

Given my agenda for today, I'm not pleased with the following horoscope:

You could become lost in your own fantasies today and others may not be around to help you find your way back to reality. Nevertheless, there's important work for you to do and you better finish your chores before things get more complicated. Set your feelings aside early in the day, as they'll only slow you down and make you less efficient.

Set my feelings aside early in the day?!?!? When the whole day's agenda is about my feelings. Okay, logic and intellect, do your thang.


Anonymous said...

Oh to heck with it. Go with the Fantasy. If you make it the right kind of fantasy, I could be inclined to join you there.

Bunny said...

Logic and intellect tell you that your horoscope is what you make of it, right?

Horoscope aside, I hope all went well! (And that you'll explain this mysterious expedition . . . )

Trueself said...

SM - Unfortunately, my fantasies (madness and mayhem) lately run in a different direction than what you might be hoping.

Bunny - Logic and intellect tell me that horoscopes are generic bunk, not worthy of serious consideration. On the other hand, when I'm all emotion-driven to begin with they seem to take on some kind of importance. Yes, all went well. About that explanation. . . well, see today's post. I'm sure it will leave you unsatisfied and wondering.