Thursday, June 28, 2007

C'mon Seven

Bunny (of Down the Rabbit Hole) tagged me to do a “7 Random Facts About Me” meme. I’ve done a couple of these before so I’m not sure how many more times I can keep coming up with the fascinating kind of information that keeps all of you (yes, all 3 of my readers) coming back, but let’s give it a try shall we?

1. I have lived in 4 different states in my lifetime, the shortest for six months and the longest for 23 years.
2. I have lived in 12 different towns in my lifetime, the shortest for six months and the longest for 16½ years.
3. I have lived in 17 different houses/apartments in my lifetime (not counting short term fill the gap interim housing), the shortest for six months and the longest for 9 years. If I were to add in the short term (<6 months) housing I’d have to add several more, and I’m too lazy to count them.
4. When I was a senior in high school I received the highest ACT score (32) that year not only for my entire school but for the entire county where I lived.
5. My dad predicted that I would get at least a 29 on the ACT test so I was terrified to open the results when they came in. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw my score.
6. Because school was so easy for me (well, at least until I hit university level calculus) I have a hard time knowing how to help N when he struggles to learn. Things that just came easily and naturally to me don’t to him, and I have no background to tell me how to work through academic things that don’t come naturally. Thank goodness for tutors who do know how to help.
7. My parents wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced as a kid, and my mom told me if I wanted them pierced I’d have to wait until I was an adult to have it done. When I was a freshman in college I found out that you could get your ears pierced at the student health center for just the cost of the studs so I went down there as soon as I could and got ‘em pierced. The nurse doing it said mine were the first virgin ears she’d seen in a long time.

There you have it. Seven more random facts about me. Oh, and just so you know, I'm not tagging anybody because I've seen this one done just about everywhere lately. If you feel inclined however please feel free to consider yourself tagged and share seven random facts about you on your blog or in the comments here. Whatever.

Consider yourself lucky that I posted this today. I was a little short on sleep last night. I was up most of the night with N. He’s sick as a dog and has thrown up several times throughout the night. W is taking him to the doctor this morning. Poor little guy.


Bunny said...

Thanks for sharing! I totally identify with #6. I also struggle to help my son learn, because it came naturally to me. Until college level calculus!!! My first taste of failure (I dropped it at the last possible moment to avoid actually having a failed class on my record.)

Trueself said...

You're welcome Bunny. I actually enjoy doing memes even though I feel obligated to grumble about them for some strange reason.