Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Rest of the Story

Thanks for the answers you left on my parenting question from yesterday's post. Here's how I handled it with a few thoughts tacked on just for good measure.

I said nothing to Grandma even though on the inside I wanted to go whack her upside the head. I said nothing to N until after we left the establishment. I told him that he did nothing wrong, and that maybe she was a little overly sensitive about things from being treated badly in her childhood.

Here are some extra thoughts and facts about the situation. Because I am not a mom who ignores my kid when he's playing at one of these places, I was quite aware of what the kids were playing and how. I have never hesitated to call N over and correct his behavior when necessary. These kids were all enjoying playing with one another. The younger one appeared to be happy to be included in their game and was all smiles until Grandma intervened. I think she was far out of line. Also, another piece that I forgot to include in yesterday's post is that the little boy's parents were there too. They did and said nothing while Grandma "handled" the situation. I have no idea how they felt about it as they appeared to be completely oblivious to the situation altogether. It was strange. My conclusion still stands that due to something in her past Grandma is just a wee bit too sensitive about certain situations.

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