Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lil’ Bits and Pieces and a Few Odds and Ends

This is just random little stuff floating in my head needing the freedom to escape the confines of my little brain.

  1. I liked V. I thought V and I were going to be dating. After a few emails that followed our first date. . . nothing. I have no clue what happened here. Huh, women. . .

  2. I like sex as much as the next person, more than some apparently from my blog reading. In theory, I’m good with the whole open relationship thing. In practice, I find it to be too much trouble and time consuming. I don’t want to spend a bazillion hours reading ads, responding to ads, weeding out the idiots and jerks. So I’m not a prude, just lazy.

  3. What BJ calls encouragement I perceive as pushing. I know he wants me to leave W soon, as in yesterday. I also know that I tried not to ever push him as he made his decision over when and how to make the move. Fortunately, since I called him on it he has backed off. But I know it’s still there. . .

  4. I didn’t get W a card for Father’s Day or his birthday. I helped N pick out cards for both occasions, but when it came to getting one from me I just couldn’t find the right sentiment. No cards said “Happy Father’s Day to someone who needs to get a clue how to be a decent father.” Nor could I find one that said, “Happy Birthday to my husband. Sorry I don’t really love you anymore.” I never said anything to W about not getting him cards, and he didn’t say anything to me about it either.

  5. N wanted to get W a birthday present. He wanted to get him some new underwear because “Dad’s underwear all has holes in it.” Now normally I would have steered him to something else, or at least suggested getting something in addition to the underwear. As things stand, I said fine. So W’s birthday gift this year – tighty whiteys from N and socks from me. Yeah, we really went all out.

  6. Every time I see my dad it makes me sad. He will turn 80 soon and is being treated for colon cancer. He is finished with chemo but still on radiation. He looks so old and weak compared to my Daddy. Daddy is big and strong and can do anything. As a little girl he was my hero. I thought of him as just the right combination of Andy Taylor and Steve Douglas (if you don’t get those references you are either (a) too young and/or (b) haven’t watched enough TVLand or Nick at Nite). Now he is old and getting frail. I really want my Daddy back.

  7. Women Only Item (No men! Scat! Shoo! This item not fit for masculine eyes.)
    This is a TMI item so feel free to skip it if you wish. I am curious if anyone else has problems with digestive tract disturbances during their period. I don’t always, but more than half the time, during my period I have painful and explosive diarrhea. It’s not as if I’m like this all the time either. During other times I rarely (but occasionally) get diarrhea in what I would consider a fairly normal rate of occurrence. But boy oh boy come period time. . . I hate this double whammy. As if cramps and flooding (just learned that term thanks to Bunny) weren’t bad enough try having the runs at the same time. Disgusting.

  8. OKAY, It’s safe to return now.

  9. Mystery of the day: If one runs two data queries with the same parameters, queries one runs on a regular basis that always tie to one another, and asks for all data posted through yesterday how does one get two different answers?

  10. After not hearing from him from around October or so of last year, S called and kept calling and leaving me voicemail messages on my cell phone this spring. If I still lived in LOH I would’ve returned his calls, but I don’t. Now I’ve changed my cell phone number to a local number in LNJ so he doesn’t even have my number anymore. He was fun. I miss him sort of, but not enough to call him. I never cared so much about actually talking to him. Now if I were going to be in LOH long enough to see him I might contact him. But that just isn’t likely to happen. I still have his number though. I think I’ll keep it for a while.


Steff said...

7. No, you're not alone on this. I have it and I hate it. Disgusting is too tame a word, don't you think?! My OBGYN said that since I'm fairly regular to start taking 2 Advil (for those trot cramps) and 1 Imodium (for well you know) two days before I start and to continue this combo until I'm passed the heaviest part of my period. I've been doing this for four months now and I've seen a huge difference. I usually still get at least one bout of it, but it's not so painful or explosive.

Bunny said...

#7 Me too!! My doctor thinks it's related to endometriosis. The stray uterine tissue irritates the digestive tract is the theory.
And you're tagged!! Come to my blog for details.

Serenity said...

I don't have a comment on #7 because thanks to my fabulous IUD i don't have periods! Or PMS! No cramps, bleeding or anything. Yay.
#8. Because they are never the same parameters. There are continual fluctuations in the space time continuum and you can never be in the same place twice, not here and not in any cyber reality. Sorry about that. :)

Al Laddin said...

2. I've been wondering about that. I go to various sites to try to connect with gals and get nothing back. Grrrrrr. Your comment helps. How do I "break through"???

3. As a lover of a loved one, I would want them to be happy. I would also see movement as good. After I've taken an action it's like, "See, the water's not THAT cold." But I have to remember that my person will move at her own pace. Something that's tough to accept sometimes.

He wants you to be happy, joyous and free.

Trueself said...

Steff - #7. Thanks for the advice. I'll try that next month (it's a little too late for this month since that part's much better today). Of course, I can't always count on being that regular so I'll have to start the Advil and Imodium the first day of my period, but that should still help.

Bunny - #7. Wow, another sufferer of the same condition. My goodness, I think I'm some kind of unique freak about these things, and it turns out it's just one of those things nobody ever talks about!

And I'm working on the meme.

Serenity - #7. Oh yeah, go ahead and gloat that you don't have this once a month hell to go through. Hummpphh. ;-)

#8. Turns out that if a claim is posted but later adjusted the post date isn't changed so between report #1 and #2 somebody adjusted a claim hence my not balancing. But I like your space time continuum theory.

Al - #2. How do you break through? I don't know. Move closer to me?
Seriously, my beef is guys who don't want to meet in real life but just want to chat online or on the phone, exchange photos, etc. If you want to break through, maybe ask the woman how fast she would like to take things. Tell her you'll go at her pace at first. Then maybe you'll find someone like me that wants to get the email/chat/phone crap out of the way and meet face to face.

#3. BJ is a great guy, and I know he isn't really trying to push me and that he is wanting me to be happy. I just feel the pressure sometimes like when I tell him I want to do something and his answer is well just do it! But I know deep down he's right. I should just do it. I really should.

Al Laddin said...

Thanks, TS
#2 That's a great idea. I DON'T want to chat...I WANT to hook up and see if something happens. And BTW...we USED to be in the same area code.

#3 You will and you will and he knows that, and you do too. It's just eff-ing tough for all the reasons you've written about and probably more. The new reality will manifest in it's own time...and you'll be free.

Trueself said...

Al -
#2 If you mean my voicemail area code, that's just a free voicemail that I got online from I'm not anywhere close to that area code and never was. But if you ever happen to be in the Midwest. . .

#3 Yes I will. I will be free in time.

freebird said...

1. Funny, I’d noticed the ‘V’ in your sidebar recently and was wondering what became of that relationship.

2. Can’t comment really but it might have looked as if I were a prude if I’d left just this one empty!

3. Ah, yes! The encouragement v pushing thing. Sounds familiar.

4 & 5. Yes, been there with the cards/sentiments thing and the presents thing, although we don’t have the father’s day problem in our house. At least you’re not showering him with guilt gifts.

6. Sorry to hear about your Dad.

7. Can’t remember! :-D

8. Whaaaaaa?

9. Nice just to know you could if you wanted!

Trueself said...

FB - I'm so glad you had time to drop by! You have been missed. I knew you could relate to #3 particularly after I read your blog today. It was good to get the story from the other side's perspective. #4&5 No, no guilt gifts. I don't want him to get the wrong idea, that things are good between us. After the session with our counseler though I think he knows better than to think they are good. (Hmm, I should blog about that.) #9 Yes, it is nice to know that if I wanted to I could. Very nice.

oldbear said...

Hi Truey, in regards to number 7. Lovey gets d from stress, and sometimes gets it REAL bad during her period.

Seems the extra stress of the period, in combination with almost ANYTHING else stressful can be enough to set it off.

Limiting rich and excessively doughy or flour-y foods seems to help. So does limiting the amount of excess "healthy" fiber from grain sources.

Perhaps this info might be of use to you?

Good luck, sorry to hear yuo get so beseiged by it. OB.

Trueself said...

OB - I knew you men wouldn't follow directions! #7 was strictly off limits to you. Didn't you see the warnings?!?
lol ;-)

Seriously, though, thanks for the advice. I do think I did myself a bad disservice by eating a very high fiber cereal on the first day of my period. Not a good plan. Just didn't even think.

Saranonymous said...

#7 yes, definitely. Pregnancy can do it too, so it must be hormonal. Blar!