Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick Tidbits

  • The old house sold. This is good news because now the financial picture becomes clearer and easier to manage.
  • W is becoming involved in the community here. This is good news because I believe that will make him less likely to disappear to parts unknown when the split happens.
  • N and I spent some nice mom & son time together yesterday and have plans to do so again tonight. The more time without W the better off we seem.
  • My EAP counselor is concerned that in spite of being on anti-depressants and feeling better than I did a year ago that I still exhibit several symptoms of depression. She recommended I call my Dr. and check on upping the anti-depressant and/or getting sleeping pills. I think that I feel so much better I didn't identify this need as easily as fresh eyes looking at the situation.

That's it for today. I'm tired.


Fiona said...

TS, you're getting 'there'. Stay strong!

Trueself said...

Fiona - I'm trying!

Val said...

I was musing to myself on this morning, the Dreaded Day of Departure, if I should expect to "medicate" myself against these circumstances within which any "normal" mother would be depressed?!? I'm not superhuman despite outward appearances to the contrary, ha ha.
[So I've completely cut out the Wellbutrin pending consult w/new dr; just taking Trazodone (sleeping pill) every 2nd or 3rd night as needed to get some rest...]

Trueself said...

Val - No, you aren't superhuman. Nobody expects you to be. My unsolicited advice (although you did post this comment on my blog so it isn't completely unsolicited now is it? ;-) ) is that you shouldn't medicate yourself to mitigate feelings that are normal and rational. Let yourself feel them and work through them.

Ha! Now if I could only take my own advice as well as I give it.