Thursday, June 07, 2007

Quick Update

Bullet points just to placehold for things that may, or may not, become longer posts later.

  • N and W seemed to do better yesterday, but when I asked N last night how things were he shook his head and said "not good."
  • I have my appointment with the EAP counselor this afternoon. I hope that she can help me come up with a plan for dealing with all of this.
  • W made a move on me (if you know what I mean) this morning. First time any interest has been shown in months. My reaction? Cold, detached, nothing.
  • We could fairly easily and accurately rename "the new house" to "the money pit."


Fiona said...

Keep strong TS....for N most of all.

W is a grown man and can fend for himself. N needs you and needs security and love. It seems only you can truly give that to him.


oldbear said...

Tuey, W making the move on yuo sounds yucky!

I literally wonder wht he was thinking??

PAX ot yuo all, even the W-man. OB.

Fiona said...

oldbear - there's many a man who thinks a liberal application of his willy can fix any problem ;) but W should know better by now!

Trueself said...

Fiona - I am definitely trying to stay strong for N. He is my #1 priority.

OB - It was yucky! It's amazing how differently actions are perceived when they come from an unwanted source rather than a wanted one.