Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

Everybody's sleepy today:

BJ - Sound asleep when I arrived at the rental this morning around 8:00. I had left the house under the guise of garage saling, shopping, etc. I woke BJ in his very favorite ways, and we spent the morning wrapped in each other's arms in bed.

W - Sound asleep when I left this morning, and sound asleep now. I have never seen anyone who can sleep as much as W. I don't mean he has slept all day. No, he got up around 10:00 and has probably only been napping since around 2:00.

N - After being at camp, he is worn out. He didn't sleep much at camp apparently which is no surprise to me so he conked out shortly after I got him home this afternoon and is currently sound asleep on the family room floor curled up with the family dog.

TS - Yes, even I got into the sleepy act. I also fell asleep and napped for an hour or so this afternoon. It is a cloudy, thundery, rainy day, therefore a perfect day for napping. Who was I to fight it?

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