Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm not going to have a lot of time to focus on the blog for a few days so I would like to do something a bit different. While I'm away leave me questions to answer. You can leave them in the comments on this post, or you can send them to my email address in my profile.

When I get the chance to get back to my blog I'll answer your questions. Then I won't have to think up a topic for a post. You'll do it for me! I will answer each and every one from the serious to the humorous, from the easy to the difficult. You may not get the answers you want, but I will answer you.

So here's your chance. Ask me anything! Wanna know my favorite color, what plant I'd be if I were a plant, why the hell W is still in my house, what my stand is on abortion or school vouchers? Ask!


Serenity said...

What if leaving W means you will be alone? Are you comfortable with that thought or does your post-future imagined world always include BJ?

freebird said...

Funny, the question I was thinking of is sort of related to Serenity's.
Some time ago, before you moved into your temporary accommodation, you expressed concerns about the practical problems you might encounter living on your own. Having actually spent some time in your own place, how do you feel about those fears now? (You can see I may have a vested interest in this subject;-) )

Anonymous said...

Where would you like to go on vacation someday and why?

Serenity said...

Freebird, I can't read your blog so i don't know what your own concerns might be but i'm going to throw my own 2 cents in,even if it's not quite relevant. Throughout my marriage i was not the practical one at all, and it has been quite the adjustment to being the one responsible for keeping the household up and running.The list of what i was not doing around the house is so long, i should be ashamed of myself.But i am learning, getting into routines, and accessing help when needed. No one says we have to do this all by ourselves, we are allowed to use our resources.
And it feels SO good.