Sunday, November 12, 2006

And J's Response. . .


Sounds like we have the same thoughts! I think we should do a light lunch. No heavy stuff...and very limited beverages, where I am concerned. You know me....I want to do you up right!!! It doesn't matter, but I had a thought the other night about you showing up wearing as sexy as clothes especially underwear and satin and lace bra as can be, and I wore some bikini undewear....what do you think about that? I hope this stupid medication I am on doesn't make me impotent. If everything goes well, I hope that both of us come away from our "date" very satisfied. Talk to you later....


Had to stop by the office to pick something up today so I checked email and picked up the reply above from J. Despite what some people thought apparently I came up with the right answer on that last email of mine. Gotta love J even though he frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.


Pink said...

WOW, I have just spent the last hour catching up on what is going on with you! You have been one busy woman.

Would love to catch you up on my life...will send you an email one day this week.


trueself said...


Yes, I'm nothing if not busy. I'm afraid I just create one drama after another. Glad to hear from you. Been wondering if all is okay with you.