Thursday, November 09, 2006

And in Other News

W has hives. I think they are caused by stress because he woke up with them early on Tuesday morning after our Monday night discussion of separation. He went to the doctor yesterday and got some pills and cream for it. He said the doctor said he may have been reacting to something he ate. I still think stress but haven't said anything to him about that belief.

Partly due to his miserable case of hives and partly because I don't know what to say, I have said no more about the separation since Monday night. Tension hangs over the house like a thick fog. We barely speak except for necessary things about N and making dinner and such. We continue to sleep in the same bed though I am increasingly uncomfortable there. I guess now that the medication has kicked in and he feels better, it is again time to broach the subject. Splitting up is not easy, and it isn't as though I don't care about him at some level. I do. I hate to see him hurting. But dang I'm feeling so much better now that I feel like I'm free. I wish there were a way for everyone to be happy, but there isn't.

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