Sunday, November 05, 2006

Not That I Care Anymore About Polls

Just to give the weekly update. I don't have a new one for this week. If I did it would probably be too depressing like "Should I just go ahead and kill myself and get myself out of this misery?"

Do you dress in costume for Halloween? [17 votes total]
Of course! (1) 6%
Sometimes, if I have the right inspiration (5) 29%
Only if I'm invited to a costume party (4) 24%
Only when cajoled into it by someone else (3) 18%
No, never ever ever under any circumstances (4) 24%

1 comment:

Emily said...

Well, if you had that poll, I would definitely be voting no.

I would vote for feeling the pain for a short while. Sticking your head under the pillow and yelling. Lolling around wallowing in misery. Thinking all the sad and miserable thoughts you can think of. Letting it all out.

And then going out. Seeing some friends. Having some fun. Or just sitting quietly in a park by yourself and thinking. Looking at something beautiful.

You have a lot ahead of you, Trueself. Some pain, yes, but also a lot of joy. There are few pleasures as great as finding out how strong we are. How capable we are. How, ultimately, even having a partner is an option, not a necessity.

Love and best wishes

E xox