Monday, November 20, 2006

Complexity, Complications, Entanglements and Obstacles

My horoscope for today:

You like to keep things simple [why yes, yes I do],
but now your most important relationships may be getting out of hand as interactions have hidden layers of complexity [aw crap, that's just what I need].
You may be willing to put up with temporary complications if you can see your way through the current entanglements [entanglements? like what? still being married but in love with someone else who is also still married? would you call that an entanglement? living hundreds of miles away from each other? each of us having children to think of in addition to our own happiness? who's got entanglements?].
Just keep your destination in mind [yes, must focus on the goal],
for this isn't where you need to stay [that's for sure, ain't nobody happy where we're at right now (gotta love the grammar in that one!)].

Hmm, this actually brought forth thoughts of a new blog post topic. A list. I love lists. I need a list of the obstacles in the way of BJ and me being together. Then as we get rid of, or get around, or find a solution to each obstacle, I can check it off the list and see the progress we are making.

1) We live hundreds of miles from each other.
2) I am married to someone else.
3) BJ is married to someone else.
4) BJ still has a minor child at home whom he must consider when making decisions.
5) I have N, and must consider him when making decisions.

We are working on all of the above, and I may have even more to add to the list as I think of them or they come up. BJ and I have joked about ways to deal with a couple of these, such as me coming to where he lives and getting caught with him in his bed. That would certainly take care of #3, although it might be a little uglier solution than we had hoped. Humor is good, and helps us deal with the crap. Otherwise I think our heads would explode.

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Anonymous said...

Complications and obsticles suck but hey, we gotta deal with them eventually.