Thursday, November 16, 2006

What a Bloody Mess

A recent discussion with someone prompted me to write on this topic. Just as fair warning this post may get into the realm of seriously TMI so if you consider yourself squeamish you may want to rethink reading this post.

Today’s topic, friends, is Period Sex. Yes, today we’re going to discuss sexual activities during a woman’s period. We’ll wait while the faint of heart scurry out of this blog into calmer places.

Okay, now that those wusses are gone, let’s begin our discussion. I’ll start by saying that my position on period sex is, hell yes, I’m all for it with one exception, cunnilingus. I will have nobody’s face, much less mouth, in that close proximity to the mess. Not gonna happen. Other than that, though, I’m pretty much open to the possibilities of sexual fulfillment during my period, particularly since a good orgasm can help alleviate cramps better than about anything else short of my other favorite cure, a Jack & Coke or two.

Clearly there are some sexual activities that are more impacted by a woman’s period than others. Any activity that would include the woman’s vagina, and many sexual ones do, will be impacted. In addition, there may be psychological/emotional considerations impacting other sexual activities also at this time. In addition, there are practicalities that must be taken into account during period sex if one so chooses to go there.

So what things can you do without modification during a period? Lots of things! There are hugs, kisses, fondling above the waist, fondling him below the waist, blowjobs, anal sex. All of these are perfectly easy during a woman’s period. No sweat here, and I suppose for the faint of heart, limiting themselves to these types of activities one week a month would be alright. If you can’t stand the sight of blood, you’ll be fine with any of the above activities except anal as long as she’s kept her panties on. And if you’re that faint of heart, you probably aren’t doing anal anyway.

Then we get into the realm of what can be done with some amount of modifications made. Here you have to take into account the parties’ level of comfort surrounding seeing and touching bloody menstrual fluid. Some people won’t be bothered by it, or not much, and some can’t stand the thought. I would think most women who are by necessity used to dealing with it would be less squeamish here than the men, but I understand that this is not always the case. Anyway, if you can get over worrying about seeing red, it is perfectly wonderful to partake of manual stimulation of the woman or intercourse during her period. Yes, it feels different down there. It is more slippery, more gushy. You definitely won’t need any lube for intercourse. Perhaps if the guy is squeamish about his penis being covered in blood afterwards he could use a condom. Then most of the mess goes away with the condom. For the most part though I have found that throwing down a couple of beach towels on the bed to catch the mess is all I’ve needed to have fun period sex. When you’ve finished, go take a shower together and get all cleaned up. Even more fun can be had in the shower, and the mess is just immediately washed away! Throw the beach towels in the washer right away and stains will rarely be a problem.

I suppose for the really adventurous even oral sex on the woman would be possible, but I haven’t been able to go there. If I were to go there, it would have to be on a relatively “low flow” day, wearing a tampon, having thoroughly washed immediately beforehand. Then I might, and I’m not sure I could but I might, be able to let a guy go down on me during my period. I’m just not sure I could ever kiss him on the mouth again afterwards. Hey, even I have my limits!


New Girl said...

Instead is the best thing EVER-My boyfriend doesn't even know when I do or do not have my period anymore.

Well-he knows when it's coming (i.e. mood swings), but he always says "have you gotten your period yet?" And I say, um like 2 days ago-but no sexual activity is ever interuppted-and we have sex at least once a day.


Pink said...

I agree with you both... your period is no reason to skip sex. We have done it with and without Instead. It dosen't bother him to make a little mess every now and then.

trueself said...

Why oh why did I not know about Instead? I've got to try them and ordered the starter kit from the website. Thank you both for pointing me in that direction.

And Pink, I agree that a little mess now and then is nothing to get bothered by.

Emily said...

Well, I can't say it worries me at all, and I'm pleased to say it doesn't worry the Big Dude, either.

We go right ahead and do oral as well and actually, I find the messy aspect kind of stimulating.

As Woody Allen said, "Is sex dirty? Only if you're doing it right!"

freebird said...

Wooo-hooooo! The joys of being over 5o!!!

Stinkypaw said...

Never bothered me nor my partners - it's part of the game of having sex with a woman, and I think it might even had been a relief to have sex during my periods we knew for sure we weren't pregnant! ;-)

Once, we left a nice bloody inprint of his penis on a white sheet with the balls and all, in a motel... he! he!

MrManicDepressive said...

We will be partaking in period sex this weekend. We usually do it in the shower. Neither one of us is squeamish in regards to blood so it's not a problem.

trueself said...

Okay, so prove me wrong won't you all?!?!

Where are all the period sex haters? Oh that's right they fled to calmer places upon reading the topic of this post. LOL