Monday, November 27, 2006

Today's Horoscope

I'll try to get back to "regular-type" posts soon, but today since I'm recuperating from minor surgery and kind of in and out of wakefulness (I've napped 3 or 4 times now) I'm gonna take the easy way and blog off of my horoscope again.

Today's horoscope:
You may be considering which of your values aren't reflected in what you are doing, yet this is not cause for despair. [Oh yes. I've definitely been considering these things. So glad I should not despair of it. I really feel bad that several of my values like trust, loyalty, dependability, honesty, have gone out the window in the last few months.]
Quite likely, there are lessons here for you, but you must accept your vulnerability before you can learn what is most important. [Yes, quite likely there are lessons here for me. Accepting my vulnerability, hmm, since I so often feel so vulnerable I'm not quite sure about this one.]
Don't take the easy way out by withdrawing into silence. [But silence is where I go. That's how I cope. Oh wait, that's what I do because it's the easy way out. Oh yeah.]
Express yourself, even if you think it's going to hurt. [So come clean with W. Tell him to go. Tell him we aren't going to put this back together. Yes it is going to hurt. God yes. But to continue to drag this out is going to hurt too. Oh, this is so hard, so very very hard to hurt the man I've been with for 20 years. Never was it my intention to hurt this man. Never was it my intention to have things fall apart the way they have. But now we need to face it and deal with it and stop dancing around it and being "too nice" which is really not being nice at all but being false.]

Due to general anesthesia this morning, I'm considered incapable today of signing legal documents. So take with a grain of salt anything that I've said here today. I'm clearly incompetent and unable to form coherent thought. I'll come back and read this tomorrow and see if it makes any sense then.

And for anyone who cares, the surgery went really really well. I'm in very little pain, but am taking full advantage of my convalescence to get out of cooking dinner tonight. I won't go into the details of the surgery here. It, and the circumstances leading up to it, are amply covered in my other blog.


freebird said...

So glad the surgery went without too much discomfort and I hope it does the trick!

Where do you get your horoscopes from? They do seem to be amazingly apt, but I often think that they're cleverly worded so that you can interpret them to fit your own circumstances.

I hope you enjoyed your night off!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are feeling better and can but this all behind you thought are with you. Your comments really helped me yesterday - I appreciate it!

trueself said...

Thanks, I hope we can get this all resolved too. Female problems can be such a pain to deal with.
As far as the horoscopes, I guess I'll come clean and say I get them from 2 different places, choosing the one that seems to "fit" best each day (my, my, aren't I self-serving?). One I get on my Google page from The other I get on my MSN page from, I believe,

Thank you for your thoughts. I will admit I had to go back and see what comments I made to you yesterday, having been a bit out of it I couldn't remember clearly. I'm glad to see that I did in fact respond to you somewhat coherently. Also, I'm very glad that I could be of help. Glad to do it.