Thursday, November 09, 2006


Latest email exchange between J and me, following up on Monday’s telephone conversation regarding getting together next week:


I have the day off on Friday 11/17. So plan on spending a good part of the day with me. I could get my errands done in the morning, and we could meet in xxxxxxxx for an early lunch, maybe around 11:00. After lunch, we could spend the afternoon doing whatever it is we want to do. I'll have to be back by 6:00 that evening. What do you think? Will that work?

Monday W found out about the separation, not quite in the way I had planned, but at least now he knows that we aren't staying together. He is staying at the house until he finds somewhere to go. Gee, it's fun living in a house with someone who no longer speaks to you. NOT. Hopefully he will be out no later than a month from now. What a great wife I am: happy holidays and get out. I'm thinking Thanksgiving dinner is going to be just ever so slightly tense.


Now, I deliberately didn’t say we can spend the afternoon having sex because J generally faints if you’re that straight forward, but I figured that he’d get what I was getting at. Now see his response:

That's great...I mean getting together. Not about the W, and Thanksgiving thing. What do you have in mind about after lunch? Where do you want to meet at 11am? Let me know. Talk to you later.


So, is he dense? Yanking my chain? I don’t know. I’m 45 years old. I got no time for stupidity so I immediately fired off this reply. Note the straightforwardness.


What do you think I have in mind about after lunch? Now that I'm separated I can charge a hotel room on my credit card if I wanna because he will no longer see the bill. I'm taking the day off because I wanna get laid. If that's not your reason then speak right up, and I'll find another way to spend the day. As to where to meet, I don't know. The only restaurants I know over there are Olive Garden because you took me there and whatever's at the mall. Any suggestions, or do you want me to look for something?


We’ll see what kind of response that elicits. My guess will be some remark about how shocked he is by how forward I am. Good grief, if I weren’t so horny I’d never put up with this crap. See BJ, you got no competition here. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.


John said...

Oh hell, I'm trying to think of a good reason why he might be taking this approach, but I can't come up with any reasons. He's dense or timid is all I come up with.

Fiona said...

Sometimes the prospect of a 'free' woman is more intimidating than one who is attached elsewhere.

BJ said...

Good lord, J.

freebird said...

Sorry to go against the flow here, but to me your message to J says “You are of absolutely no interest to me whatsoever other than a fuck. If you’re too thick to see that, go and get stuffed.” I wonder how you’d feel if a guy sent that message to you. Maybe he was attempting to show some manners and not send you that message, or maybe he was just having a little fun.

trueself said...

Timid may be the thing. He's always been hesitant about sex, which is why we could date for more than 6 years in h.s., college, and beyond without ever going farther than above the waist touching. Not that I didn't try. . .

Yes, I believe you're right on that one too.

See? Told ya'.
Or maybe I'm just not that good in bed. ;-)

Hmm, interesting perspective. Kind of zapped me in the conscience there. You may be on to something.

BJ said...

Yeah FB has a point here. But from a man's perspective here they've got an ex-gf wanting to have a sex-only relationship with them. And the downside here is?

oldbear said...

A confident gentleman might not respond so well to such a message unless he were really horny, or crappy at self pleasure, or the lady in question was REALLY hot.

I tend to agree with FB, and think WTF, any guy who wants NSA sex needs look no farther than Craigslist or AFF.

I got two of the clones at work who swear by them for NSA sex.

My um, emotions, agree with BJ somewhat, but my heart and mind agree with FB.

Of course only TS knows this cat, so I guess timid it is!

ps-BJ, downside is she is still married and she was kind of (totally rude?)rude in her answer without so much as a little humor to ameliorate it. But that is just my generic view based on little knwoledge of the principals. Maybe he is a wuss and used to that kind of talk?

trueself said...

He is very used to that kind of talk from me. He's gotten it from me throughout our entire relationship, and no, I don't treat everyone that way. J has a way of bringing it out in me, and he knows it. As a matter of fact, he probably laughed right out loud at my response because he knows he got to me. And yes, he is incredibly timid. So much so that when I broached the subject of oral sex (after we'd had sex on two different occasions) he turned beet red and stammered like a fool, but did finally admit he enjoys it. Timid I tell you.