Sunday, November 19, 2006

Poll Results: All Men Cheat!

Interesting poll results this week. Shall we oversimplify, take no heed of margins of error, miniscule sample size, and extrapolate these results? Well, of course we should, allowing us to post a title like the one above.

Basically, the results of this poll prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that all men are indeed dogs, while less than half of all women are tramps, sluts and whores. Yes, pretty much proved what we all already knew, huh?

Have you ever had an affair behind your significant other's back? [15 votes total]
Yes; I'm a male (3) 20%
No; I'm a male (0) 0%
Yes; I'm a female (5) 33%
No; I'm a female (7) 47%

Now, do I believe any of this? Of course not. There is absolutely nothing we can tell here except that I have attracted readership the likes of which tends to be just slightly less faithful than faithful, and even that is a stretch because very few of my readers actually took the poll.

I'm getting tired of polls, and not many people respond anyway so I think I'll give them up for a while, or at least until I think of some other nosy question I really want to ask you. You never know, that might only take a few hours.


BJ said...

All men are dogs? I thought we're pigs. ;-)

half of all women are tramps, sluts and whores?

Oh thank you god!

trueself said...


Pigs, dogs, whatever. . .

And no I said less than half of all women are tramps, sluts and whores.

Down, boy, down!