Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Life as a Law & Order episode

I've been letting my paranoid delusions into my thinking about this whole situation too darn much.

My thinking goes along two different lines:
  1. What if J isn't the one sending the emails? Although we've given each other our cell phone numbers, neither of us has used them. What if J's wife has access to his email account and is planning to draw me into a confrontation with her?
  2. What if J is sending the emails, but is using them to set me up for some plan of revenge, to make me pay for breaking his heart 20 years ago?

I'm thinking scenario #2 is the more likely one so here's my synopsis of my Law & Order episode (probably the version with Vincent Donofrio):

The show opens showing Trueself pulling into a parking lot at a park. She gets out and walks towards J who is waiting for her at a picnic table. J gets up and embraces Trueself. He suggests they go for a walk while they talk. Trueself agrees and they walk off down a trail through some trees chatting amiably. Shortly, a scream is heard and thereafter J returns to the parking lot, a bloody handprint on his shirt. He runs to his car, gets in and takes off quickly.

Opening credits roll. When we return from commercials we see uniformed officers interviewing people in the parking lot. One woman remembers part of J’s license plate number and the color of the car but doesn’t know the make or model. Another witness thinks it to be one of two models. Down the path a ways, two detectives along with other officers are looking at the crime scene including Trueself’s dead body lying just off the trail covered in blood. Nearby is a police marker next to a bloody knife.

The detectives go to Trueself’s house and inform her husband of her death. He is clearly devastated and visibly shaken. They judge him to be quite a bit older than his wife who, according to her drivers license had just turned 43. He invites them in, and they share with him how Trueself was killed and where. They ask the usual questions such as where he was at the time of the killing (at home) and did he know anyone who might want to kill Trueself (no, nobody at all) and were they having any marital problems (well, she had some trouble with depression lately, but no, basically they were happy in their married life).

The investigation begins. Trueself’s email accounts and cell phone records are obtained and checked. A series of emails between J and Trueself are found including one setting up their meeting in the park on the day of the murder. Her cell phone records indicate a small number of calls to a number later determined to belong to J. At the same time, a check is run on the partial plate number along with the possible car models. A few possibilities turn up including J. The detectives ask Trueself’s husband if he knows J. No, he says, but he thinks his wife had a high school boyfriend with this name. This is looking like an open and shut case. But of course, we’ve barely gotten into the hour of the show so you know there will be complications.

Commercial break

As one might expect, no fingerprints are found on the knife at the scene. The detectives arrive at J’s house to take him to the station to question him. At first, he claims he knows nothing about the murder, but after being confronted with some of the evidence starts to backtrack on his story and asks for his attorney.

Blah, blah, typical Law & Order investigation stuff. Courtroom stuff ensues. By the end of the hour the real story has finally been revealed.

Turns out what really happened was J did lure Trueself to the park with the intention of confronting her as he felt she had ruined his life years ago. His intention was to tell her off, but had no intention of physically harming her. Trueself’s husband had found out about the meeting and was sitting in his car in the parking lot at the park when the murder occurred. When he saw J come out with blood on his shirt he left before the authorities arrived. Trueself’s husband had conspired with J’s estranged wife not to kill Trueself but to kill J. When J’s wife had emerged from the trees a struggle ensued with Trueself actually being stabbed instead of J. J’s wife tried to grab J by the shirt leaving her bloody handprint on the shirt. J got away and ran. J’s wife ran the other direction to her car parked along a road on the other side of the park and left without being seen.

In the end, both J’s wife and Trueself’s husband are convicted for their parts in the murder.

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